Intuitive Spirit Hello! I’m Lemira. I’m a heart-centered spiritual entrepreneur and a psychic medium. I’m amazed to be celebrating 20 years of work in the field!

In 2011, after giving psychic readings for 10 years, I discovered The Book of Life. It was fascinating, fun, and a source of healing for me and for my clients.

In 2014, I followed my heart’s calling and became a Book of Life Akashic Records reader.

I now spend my time  giving Akashic Records readings and blogging. I’m also a wife and a mother, and I bake the world’s best brownies. Just ask my husband!

You may be surprised to hear that I didn’t mean to enter this field. I’ve always been “left-brained,” and grew up thinking I’d become an accountant!

When I was a kid, my mom frequently visited psychics and tarot card readers. I’d often argue with her that all of it was fake. How wrong I was!

How I Started

In 2001, after a hypnosis session that changed the course of my life, I began to have intuitive dreams. I was fascinated by what I was experiencing. So I enrolled in a psychic development class, and began my own journey into the psychic world. I felt as though the lights were turned on for the first time!

I noticed immediately that mediumship and genuine  psychic abilities are nothing like what I’d originally imagined. There  was nothing “weird” about them. It all felt very normal and down-to-earth. I learned how to give readings from a place of alignment and love. This led to personal empowerment and healing.

But as much as I felt called to this work, and developed an appreciation for how beautiful it truly was, I fought against it. Even though the other psychics and mediums I was working with seemed perfectly normal, I feared I’d be judged by the rest of the world. So for 10 years, I quietly studied mediumship and psychic abilities. I was a thorough student, just like I was while I was in school.

Throughout this time, I was giving what I considered “practice” readings. I received mentoring from some of the most highly-regarded mediums in the U.S., and got to work with some “psychic detectives” for a while!

Then a friend started encouraging me to step outside my comfort zone and begin a side business giving professional readings. This was a frightening prospect! The night before readings, I’d secretly hope my clients would cancel. That’s how scared I was!

Besides those fears, I was also scared that society was judging me as a weirdo. I feared that  the information I was giving my clients wasn’t resonating. I was afraid they’d think I just sucked at what I was doing. I feared I wouldn’t get information or make spirit connections during my readings.

I was a big ball of nerves. I knew I didn’t want to feel that way when I worked. So I found a mentor to  personally help me overcome those challenges. After a full year, I became a more confident reader. I even reached the point where I was genuinely looking forward to giving readings!

My practice quickly began to grow by word-of-mouth. Since then, my little side business has grown into a full-time pursuit highlighted by wonderful, loyal clients from around the world. In 2012, I started to teach development of heart-centered mediumship and psychic abilities.

I’m so glad that I didn’t give up!

Creating My Blog

Within a few years, I realized that the world was changing, and that people were ready for a practical, heart-centered way to learn about mediumship and psychic abilities. I discovered that people didn’t just want to be psychic. They genuinely wanted to help people heal, and they wanted to lead spiritually full and aware lives full of gratitude and joy while they did it.

So in 2013, I felt inspired to started this blog. After all, a big part of heart-centered living is to follow your heart and to listen to your soul. I started the blog to help you, my readers:

  • Develop your mediumship and intuitive abilities in a practical and fun way. I want you to feel like a friend is helping you.
  • Get rid of your pre-reading jitters and have confidence in the readings you’re giving.
  • Embrace your mediumship and psychic abilities without feeling like a freak.

I’m happy to be able to teach in a loving, fun and grounded way.  I’m thrilled that people have a source like this to come and learn about mediumship, intuition and psychic abilities. I’m grateful for every one of you. And I genuinely hope that being here feels like a hearty, encouraging hug.

If you aspire to become a medium or an intuitive reader, or you’re just generally curious about psychic abilities, I invite you to please read my series of six blog postings on embracing your intuitive gifts. I created the series out of a love for helping people who feel led to develop and use their gifts, but are hindered by practical fears and worries.

Because I felt like that, too. I wish I’d had access to something like this to bring me comfort!

A final note: please sign up for my free weekly email. It will include tips on developing your gifts, and pointers on how to give great readings.

Best wishes that your journey is filled with fun, joy, and abundant love!