Getting Rid of Negative Energies in Your Home

Everyone has a hard time dealing with Monday’s sometimes but if you are always feeling down when you wake up to face your day, you need to get rid of these negative feelings and create a positive place in your home.

Having positive energy should make you wake up happy and excited. You can have this positive energy by using things in your home such as crystals, smudging, using salt and more.

There are different things that you can do to get rid of negativity and to embrace positive energy in your home.

  • Using Salt

Salt is one thing that you can use that can get rid of negative energy in your home. You can use the salt to send out negative ions which can create a positive energy and space.

Take the salt and pour it around your property line. This can help to get rid of negative energy that was at your home from owners before you. You can even put salt in the four corners of your home and leave it for a few days before you vacuum.

By doing this, you can clear your energy. If you want to clear the energy each day, try burning a salt lamp in any are of your home. Use salt on your table, as well, such as kosher salt, table salt, Himalayan salt or more to clear negativity.

  • Have Alone Time

One way that you can really get positivity in your home is to have positivity in your life. You can use self-care to help yourself feel better. Try to meditate and rest and make sure that you are getting rid of stress and anxiety.

Care for your mental and physical health by taking care of yourself, setting boundaries, eating healthy, focusing on quiet time and more.

  • Find Inspiration

The energy of your home sometimes reflects what is going on inside of you. If you are negative a lot, you will have negative energy. Try to get rid of the negativity out of your mind and focus on your positivity. One way that you can do this is to find things around you that raise your vibrations and increase your creativity and inspiration.

  • Cleanse Your Crystals

Crystals can help to get rid of negative energy but if your crystals are being used then you need to make sure that they are cleansed so that they can attract positive energy. These stones need to be cleansed and you can do this easily by putting the stones out on the windowsill during a full moon.

Another way that you can cleanse your stones is by smudging with sage or putting your crystals in water, but make sure that they can’t be ruined by water before you use that method. Doing this can replace the negative energy with positive vibes and then your home can benefit from it.

  • Increase Your Energies

Do you feel that you are always picking up the energies of the room that you were just in? Maybe you just entered a room where your siblings were fighting, or you just went somewhere where everyone was laughing and having fun. Did you notice the difference in how you were feeling? Some people are able to pick up the energies around them both positive and negative energies.

If you feel that your rooms are full of negative energy, then you need to get rid of this energy. Open your windows and then light some sage and smudge your house. Do this while you play relaxing music or while you are dancing. Doing this can help you to set intentions and allows you to replace negative energy with something way more positive.

  • Have a Good Mindset

Energy is everywhere and as long as you keep a positive mindset you can help bring in good energy. Some people do this by journaling and others use meditation. You can do these things right in your home and as you do this your negative energy will be absorbed.

Imagine that your energy in your home is surrounded by a white light that is protecting you and keeping you safe from negativity.

  • Be Thankful

By being thankful you will automatically bring in positive energy. You can make sure that you’re being positive even during negative times and if you feel extreme negativity, try to smudge to get rid of negative energy that might be holding on.

You can increase positive energy in your home by attracting it with a good mindset. Find good people to bring into your life, eat healthy, drink plenty of water and express your emotions. Doing this will help you to be mindful of what you’re feeling.

  • Meditate

Meditating can attract positive energy in your space. If you are always thinking negatively then you need to change the way that your mind works. Fill your mind and your body with positive energy. Imagine a light filling you and surrounding your heart until it is full of goodness.

Let your energy travel throughout your body and imagine light filling your whole room until it fills your whole house with positivity.

  • Declutter

One great way to fill your home with positivity is to declutter and fill your home with things like plants. Plants can help you to feel better and can bring peace and balance in your home. Create a space where you can meditate or do yoga while you connect with your inner self.

Be intentional as you attract good energy in your home.

  • Make Your Home a Sacred Place

The place that you spend most of your time is in your home. This should be a space that you feel love, secure and safe. When you feel negative energy, you have to get rid of it right away. Some people will cleanse their home each full moon so that they know that their home is full of positive energy.

There are things that you can use such as hand drums, chimes, tuning forks, healing bowls, crystals, wasu tubes and more that can help you to play positive and peaceful sounds. This can bring energy into your home that is good.

Some will add crystals and salts to their home while others will add candles, flowers or creative pictures that balance the energy of the home and bring uplifting feelings. Your home should be sacred and should be a place that invites positive vibrations.

  • Celebrate Your Home

Take time to celebrate the home that you have. Know that this is a place that you find loving and caring. Bless your rooms and sprinkle water in every room. Celebrate the place that you are living. You can use corn kernels or sugar and leave some in the four corners of your harm to thank the land for your home.

While this might take some time to do, doing this can protect your home and can fill your space with loving energy.

  • Cleanse a New Home

Energy that is both good and bad will accumulate in any place that there are people, plants or animals or other living things. If you choose to purchase or visit a new home, make sure that you are cleansing the energy. You can say positive affirmations, pray, use crystals, bless water and put water in the home or other ideas.

Blessing your home and cleansing the energy before you ever move in is a great idea. You should also do this if something doesn’t feel right in your own home.

How to Attract Good Energy

Here are some ways that you can attract good energy in your home:

    • Start each day by writing down three things that you are thankful for.
    • Set your intentions on how you want your energy to feel during this day. Do this each day and make sure that you are practicing being positive.
    • Put nature into your home such as wood flooring, flowers, plants or other non-toxic materials.
    • Use essential oils such as Frankincense or Lemongrass.
    • Open the windows and doors and use your essential oils in all of the rooms.

You can do any of the above ideas if you want to get rid of negative energy out of your home or your space.

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