Knowing Your Spirit Animal

A spirit animal can come in different ways. The date of your birth will have to do with your zodiac and sometimes Native Americans use the zodiac spirit animal chart to understand their life. This is based on your date of birth and tells the animal that is most connected to you.

The spirit animal is also called the totem animal and it will be part of who you are in your personality. This is an animal that will be with you forever and will never leave you. The spirit animals will guide you and will show up when you need them the most. 

You can find out your spirit animal and your zodiac spirit animal. Read below and see what you can find out about your guides:

  • Native American Spirit Animals

Animal guides will show you who you are and will communicate with you in your life. They are there to show you who you are and to give you hope and comfort. 

Spirit animals are meant to be medicine for you, and they are called earth medicine. There are deep roots when it comes to these animals, and they are full of culture. The animals have strong qualities that work with your mind and spirit.

Those that are spiritual will go into the wilderness and will find out what quests that they should be on. They meditate and find out who their spiritual animals are. When the animal shows up, they will know its part of the universe.

Native American spirit animals can show up in different ways and they can connect with your personality. Animals will stay with you your whole life and they will guide you in everything that you do.

  • Zodiac Spirit Animal

This is a spirit animal that comes to you at your time of birth and is based on the date and location that you were born.

  • Totem Spirit Animal

A totem spirit animal is one that will guard you and lead you throughout your life. They can come to you like a guardian angel.

Animal Spirit Guides

These are animals that come to help you when you are dealing with something hard in your life. They can come the same way that an angel comes.

Common Guides

Here are some of the most common animal spirit guides:

  • Bear Guide
    • Courage and strength.
    • Spirituality.
    • Healing.
    • Introspection.
    • Thinking before taking any action.
  • Raven Guide
    • Powerful.
    • Change.
    • Energies.
    • Passion.
    • Divine messages.
  • Snake Guide
    • Strategic.
    • Spiritual guidance.
    • Healing.
    • Messages of letting go.
  • Owl Guide
    • Wisdom.
    • Intuition.
    • Hope.
    • Strength.
    • Encouragement.
    • Discernment.
    • Deep introspection.
  • Goose Guide
    • Slow.
    • Steady.
    • Faithful.
    • Good.
    • True.
    • Inspired.
  • Otter Guide
    • Happiness.
    • Free.
    • Expressive.
    • Think outside of the box.
  • Wolf Guide
    • Family.
    • Community.
    • Smart.
    • Intuitive.
    • True.
    • Real.
    • Messages of listening to instinct.
  • Falcon Guide
    • Boldness.
    • Leadership.
    • Vision.
    • Messages to the world.
    • Seeing the bigger picture.
  • Beaver Guide
    • Can’t be stopped.
    • Steady.
    • Dedicated.
    • Dreamers.
  • Deer Guide
    • Nurturer.
    • Peacekeeper.
    • Sensitive.
  • Woodpecker Guide
    • Emotions.
    • Lover of nature.
    • Opportunist.
  • Salmon Guide
    • Higher energy.
    • Strong.
    • Creative.
    • Encouraging.

Connecting with Your Guide

You can find out who your spirit guide is, and you will be able to see them when they show up for you. Take time each day to meditate and see when you see your spirit animals. This can be during meditation, when you are dreaming or when you are in a different state of mind.

Ask your animal guides to show themselves to you and then pay attention to what is around you. As you see the insight that the animals give you for your life, you can find out what messages you need to embrace, and which ones can guide you the best down your journey.

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