Everyone Has a Shadow Self

The shadow self is a part of yourself that is dark and that you want to reject. It is also parts of you that will probably be rejected by other people and by society. The thing is, there are different societies and cultures and each of them have some kind of shadow self. This sometimes shows up in religions such as in Christianity, the shadow self is the seven deadly sins and in Sufism, the shadow self is part of the nafs of the lower self or the ego. Looking at the Buddhist culture, when you speak negatively, this is part of your shadow self.

Knowing Your Shadow Self

Your shadow self can show things about you that people and yourself don’t always expect. This can be something that is totally out of character for you. You might have a hard time hiding this part of yourself such as being angry and then it is turning into a heated rage or if you say something that is out of character for who you are.

If you feel pain in your soul that has lasted for even a lifetime, this darkness will come to you and someday, you will have to deal with this kind of pain. This can cause you to act in a bad way or in a way that is not normal for you. Being a quiet, calm, and collected person is great, but when your shadow self comes out, chances are you might be loud, destructive and out of control.

Doing Shadow Work

To get rid of some of the shadow things that are hidden inside of you, you have to do shadow work. This helps you to find out the parts of you that are hidden, and it allows you to be able to get rid of these things in a healthy way.

Hiding Your Shadow

Some people will want to keep their shadow self-hidden because they are embarrassed about it. Most of the time this can be embarrassing because it is behavior that is not really acceptable such as having too much anger or having bad thoughts. When these things come up, they are repressed and then the feelings can lead to people not dealing with these things correctly. This situation can lead to alcoholism or drug use so that things can stay hidden. When you are dealing with yourself harshly, it can cause you to feel depressed or upset.

The shadow self can also cause you to act in destructive ways. It can happen and you might not even know it was coming. This can be something that you never even know was inside of you. You might not have ever figured it out because you have been running form it.

How to Help Your Shadow Self

You can do shadow work on your own or you can talk to a therapist to help you. You can figure out what you need to work on when you meditate. Even Carl Jung said that the unconscious can be made conscious, and it will cause you to have direction and to reach your fate.

If you need to heal, you can look at what happens to you that you might not like. If you get upset and you get angry and you start judging yourself and others, this can be your shadow self-showing up. You need to write these things down, so you know what is happening.

When people ask you why you are upset and you aren’t sure of the answer, this can be a sign that your shadow self has come out. This can help you to figure out how to get these things out and how to work on yourself.

You may hide your feelings because they may have been hidden because of some kind of trauma or abuse and you may feel that you aren’t able to stand up for yourself to others. But, when you do shadow work, you can find that your shadow is normally there to keep you safe. You will need to be thankful to your shadow for this protection but at the same time you need to find constructive ways to deal with things.

Why is Shadow Work Good?

Shadow work is good because it can help you to find out more about your inner self. Doing shadow work can help you to become powerful and help you to heal. It helps you to be able to deal well with others and can help you to be healthier in how you react to things. It will help you to get over trauma and help you to know who you are and to be aware of what is around you. You will also be able to trust yourself more.

When you need to stand up for yourself, fixing your shadow will help you to do that and you will see that you can become a better friend, partner, parent, and worker.

Can Psychics Help?

A psychic can help you to understand and even uncover your shadow self. They can help you to figure out what is going on in your life that has caused this to happen and what things you have hidden for so long. As you recognize these things, you can find out what you can do to make your life better and healthier.

Getting a tarot card reading can help you to answer questions about what has happened in your past and what you can find out about your shadow self.

A good psychic will get into your heart, mind and soul and will help you to figure out who you are without judging you. They will help you to see what is bothering you and what kind of healing work you need to do. They will help you to find your shadow self and will support you and work with you to help you be your best.

When you are ready to find out more about your shadow self, you can talk to a psychic and get rid of your pain and your hurt, once and for all.

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