What is a Lightworker and Are You An Empath or a Healer that Attracts Good Energy?

Have you ever wondered if you are a lightworker and if you might be one? Chances are, if you are someone that is always bringing positive energy to the situation, you might be a healer or you might even be an empath.

Here are some signs that show you might be a lightworker or an empath:

  • You direct your kindness and love to people or animals.
  • You love helping others.
  • You are very sensitive to the energies and feelings of people around you.
  • You do your best to see what others are doing and you notice when someone needs help.
  • You love to appreciate people.
  • You feel bad when people put you down.

If you answered yes to any of these, even one, you might be a lightworker and not only that, but you are also ready to use your energy to share love and power with others.

Lightworker is a term that healers and reiki masters use. They are people that can be parents, teachers, doctors, or anyone that helps others and tries to see them healed or happy.

All of the energy that a lightworker has is seen as light that is going back and forth. This is the energy exchange that happens.

Sometimes when people are frustrated, you will see that they can go into a rage or be angry and this sends out negative energy. This is slower energy than good energy.

A lightworker is one that has a higher frequency. Everything is made up of energy and this includes things, people, and places.

When you have things happen to you that you are not able to understand such as a feeling or a thought, it can be because you are changing energies.

When you have a high frequency of your energy, it means you are giving love, or you are full of joy. This will share with others that come close to you.

When you commit yourself to helping others, this can make you a lightworker. Everyone needs a lightworker and this is the energy and love that people crave in their lives.

Most people want to be happy and have a clear mind but most of the time this is a conditional thing. When you have a good thing happen to you, you respond in a positive way.

But, when people are being rude or they are being negative, their vibrational frequency will get lower. This is a conditional thing, and it can cause lightworkers to have inconsistent lives.

When someone has the desire to have positive vibrations, they are able to share their conscious mind with others and to expand it and to see people healed.

Ways to Open Up Your Lightworker Gifting

There are ways that you can become a stronger lightworker such as:

Decide What Frequency You Want to Have

You have to decide what you want to have in your life. If you want your vibrations to be strong, you have to do things that are helpful and loving. You have to have peace in your life.

Remember when things are hard, take time to appreciate the things that you were given. Life is not always going to be easy, but you can share love even when it isn’t.

What kind of qualities do you express with people around you? Are you loving? Kind? Playful?

When you look at what you want to share with others, when you interact, you will share light with them.

Full Cup

You cannot give people something if you don’t have it yourself to give. You need to make sure that you are at peace with yourself before you share your light with other people.

Anytime you have negative energy, push through it, and allow yourself to take a break. Let yourself start thinking more positively and feeling better.

Doing things that make you happy can cause your energy to get stronger.

Feel Good

Make sure that you are trying your best to be your best and to feel your best. When you feel good, you have strong vibrational frequencies.

The higher your frequency is, the better you are to have positivity and light. Try to keep your emotions in control and allow yourself to walk away from a relationship or a conversation that will make you feel negative.

Do whatever you can to give to others and to show people love. As you spread your conscious mind with others, you will be able to give and receive goodness.

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