10 Signs You May Be a Psychic Medium

Have you ever wondered if you’re a psychic medium?

Do you have visions? Dreams that come true? See shadows? Or do you convince yourself you’re just imagining things? You may feel like you’re not like everybody else. You may wonder if you have psychic gifts, but you don’t know how to figure that out.

Many people are dabbling in non-traditional “New Age” things these days. But it’s still a challenge if you feel different. Sometimes, you might even wonder if you’re just crazy. Well, you’re not crazy. Psychic mediums experience things like that.

Everybody has some psychic abilities, and everybody is capable of communicating with spirits. And we can choose to live by intuition. To ease your mind, here are some common experiences and traits that psychic mediums have. Which ones have you experienced?

  1. You remember seeing spirits or family members who’ve died.

seeing spiritsBabies and young toddlers retain a close connection to the spiritual realm, so it’s common to see babies laughing at “nothing” while they’re alone. But after age 3 or so, if people haven’t been encouraged to nourish their connections with the spiritual realm, they generally forget about it and go about living their physical lives.

So, if you remember spirit experiences after the age of 3, or if you sense the presence of spirits as an adult, you may be a psychic medium.

  1. You’ve always felt somehow different.

When your were younger, did you often feel like you didn’t fit in? Do you still feel that way?

Maybe you can’t quite pinpoint why, but you have always felt that there’s something inherently different about you. Not something better, just different. Maybe you often long for deeper connections with people, but you can’t find others who relate to you.

  1. You perceive things on the periphery of your vision.

You may see things like flashing lights, shadows, sparkles or orbs. These are indicators that you may be clairvoyant. If you develop your gifts, you’ll be able to perceive spirits in your mind’s eye.

  1. You have strong feelings about places.

You can enter a room, or drive past a place you’ve never been, but you just know things about those places. Your body may tingle, you might get a shiver, or you could feel the energy pulsating with heaviness, cold, or heat.

You say things like, “That place has a good vibe,” or “That place doesn’t feel good.” This is a sign of clairsentience.

  1. You hear things that other people don’t hear..

You may hear voices, but they aren’t spooky. It’s more like hearing people mumble from another room, or you hear music that nobody else hears. Or, you may hear other sounds like buzzing or ringing in your own head. This is a sign of clairaudience.

  1. You have vivid or frequent dreams.

You may recall astral travel, or experience vivid dreams about past lives or about people you’ve never met.

  1. You’re able to just know things about people.

It may feel like you’re a radar. And the way the person acts or looks doesn’t affect your impressions. You won’t be fooled. You pick up on people’s vibes.

  1. You give good advice.

People frequently feel better after they talk to you because you’re able to soothe them with your words of wisdom. Some even tell you that should find a way to offer your advice professionally. What’s that all about? It’s likely that you’re channeling the spiritual realm and you don’t even know it.

  1. You feel spirits’ presence.

You sense that spirits may be there, but you can’t be certain. You might feel like someone’s watching you, but you know that there aren’t any other people around. You may feel sudden emotional waves, such as anxiety or sadness, along with the presence. This is a sign that you may be clairsentient.

  1. You still feel strongly connected to people even after they’ve died.

My aunt recently passed away. For the first week afterwards, I frequently felt her presence. I knew she was there. Besides that, I kept hearing alarms going off in my house, and I received daily signs from her, like random phone calls from people asking for Linda, which was my aunt’s name.

If you experience several of these, you may be a psychic medium! So, now what?

One important thing for you to remember is that we’re all intuitive, spiritual beings. Some people just haven’t discovered that part of themselves yet. Psychic mediums live life with an extra dose of awesomeness, because they can access the spiritual realm and receive extra guidance.

So just relax. After all, you were a psychic medium even before you knew it. Rest assured that nothing weird or spooky will happen to you. You’ve just made the discovery that you’ll now live a fuller, richer life thanks to your psychic gifts!

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