10 Signs You May Be a Gifted Clairaudient

Many clairaudients don’t know they have this intuitive gift. Are you among them? Here are some common signs that you may be clairaudient.

  1. You hear your name spoken, but you’re alone.

Do you ever hear people talking, but nobody else is around? Maybe it’s soft background voices you hear, or you swear someone said your name.

If things like this often happen to you, you might be clairaudient.

Clairaudients sometimes hear things other people don’t. It may be soft, subtle sounds, like music, or more dramatic sounds, like voices.

  1. You need peace and quiet.

Intuitive people are generally highly sensitive, both physically and emotionally. Intuitives that are sensitive to noise are often clairaudient.

If loud parties make you feel like you want to crawl right out of your skin, you may be clairaudient. Too much noise causes many clairaudients to feel ungrounded, irritable or tired, or it may give them a headache. The gift of psychic hearing can be frustrating when your friends and family don’t understand how deeply you’re affected.

It’s crucial for clairaudients to have some quiet time each and every day. Some like to use noise-canceling headphones, or to practice meditation.

  1. You often talk to yourself.

 Gifted ClairaudientDo you constantly converse with yourself in your head? This could indicate that you’re gifted with intuitive clairaudience. This is because you’re already comfortable with “being alone in your head,” so you’ll find it easy to realize when you’ve connected with the spiritual realm.

If you frequently talk to yourself, you’re probably receiving spiritual guidance and you don’t even realize it!

  1. Creativity and ideas flow freely to you.

If you’re a gifted clairaudient, you may find that inspired, creative ideas easily flow to you. This is especially true when you feel grateful, joyful or relaxed. This happens because your energy vibration is high when you’re happy. That allows you to easily and intimately connect to your soul.

This is another reason why clairaudient people need quiet. they intuitively understand that we can connect with the spiritual when they’re in solitude.

It’s common for clairaudient people to have inspired ideas while showering. If this is true of you, get some bathtub soap crayons so you can take notes on the guidance you receive there!

  1. As a child, you had lots of “imaginary” friends.

So-called “imaginary” friends aren’t necessarily imaginary. These “friends” may actually be spirit guides, angels, or even loved ones who have passed on.

If you talked with imaginary friends when you were a child, whether telepathically or with physical voices, you’re likely clairaudient.

  1. Music connects you to your soul.

When I get stressed out, it’s generally because my soul is in need of something, and I’m not heeding that. I can reconnect to my soul by getting in my car, driving down a deserted country road, and playing music that I love. Within moments, my energy vibration increases and I feel the reconnection. If music moves you like this, you might be clairaudient.

Psychic hearing is just one of the four different ways that people intuitively receive information. It makes sense that a gifted clairaudient would be deeply moved by listening to music.

Clairaudients may also:

  • Feel musically inclined.
  • Be able to play music by ear.
  • Write music, often “hearing” the music before they write it
  • Feel inspiration from a higher power to write music.

One side note: If you see pictures in your head that match your song lyrics, you may also be clairvoyant.

  1. You channel spiritual wisdom.

Channeling wisdom from the spiritual realm is among the most beautiful ways that clairaudients use their gifts. Evidence of this includes:

  • You enjoy uplifting and guiding others.
  • People tell you that you give helpful advice or that you have a “gift.”
  • People often call you to “vent” because your words soothe them.
  1. You’re an auditory learner.

One clue regarding the psychic gifts you may have relates to your preferred learning style. Many clairaudients learn best by hearing. One sign of this is that you prefer listening to an audio book rather than reading it.

  1. You “hear” animals.

This doesn’t mean that animals open their mouths and start speaking to you, d. It’s more like you experience their “blocks of thought” popping into your head.

One day, while petting my cat, I randomly thought that my daughter was telling him secrets. When I expressed this to my daughter, she shrieked, “I did! Did he tell you what I told him?” (He didn’t, by the way.)

  1. You receive “signs” through speech and songs.

Signs make you feel connected to the spiritual realm, help you to feel validated, and are just flat-out fun to watch for. Signs from the spiritual realm can reach us in many different ways.

If you ask for signs from spiritual guides or from your loved ones who have passed, note how they come to you. Do they come from a song on the radio? Or do you notice strangers saying just what you needed to hear? These are signs that you’re clairaudient.

So, what do you think–are you gifted with clairaudience? How many of those traits do you have? Practice Clairvoyant Readings!

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