20 Tips on Developing Psychic Ability

Developing and honing your psychic abilities can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. This article lists 20 easy tips to help you develop your own mediumship or intuitive gifts.

To make the process easier, try to practice at least one technique every day. The exercises don’t have to be done in any special order. Just start with the ones that look the easiest or the most fun to you. You’ll be amazed at how far you can come in a short time!

  1. Meditate for at least 10 minutes each day. Meditation allows you to relax and raise the vibration rate of your energy. Raising your vibration is important when developing your psychic abilities. Spirit energy vibrates at higher frequencies. Meditating will allow you to feel more connected to the spiritual realm and to other peoples’ energy.
  2. Familiarize yourself with your spiritual guides. When you meditate, ask your them to make themselves known to you. Don’t filter anything out. Ask them questions, and have trust.
  3. Use flower visualization to develop clairvoyance. Sit in front of some flowers and study them. Then close your eyes and picture one flower in your mind’s eye. When you can clearly see the flower there, move on to another one, and another.
  4. Move on to random visualization. This can be fun after you master flower visualization. Close your eyes, relax, and ask your spirit guides to show you images that are peaceful and beautiful. Don’t think; just allow your mind to wander, and let images to flood in.
  5. Take a mindful walk in nature. Concentrate on each step as you walk. Think about your body’s movement, and say “step” with every step you take. This helps clear your mind of distractions, and helps you increase your vibration. Taking a nature walk without being mindful can also be meditative.
  6. Go to an antique store. Notice how you intuitively feel and what you sense while in the store. How does the energy feel? Is it heavy? Is it pleasant? Now handle an object. Do you feel anything? Can you hear a name? Do you see a vision? Stretching your psychic abilities like this helps you increase them.
  7. Make a journal of symbols. Psychic information can come to us in different ways. It’s often symbolic, and isn’t always meant to be taken literally. Start out with a nice journal and a pen. Sit quietly and ask your spirit guides to give you symbols for things like occupations or events. You may be shown a symbol if you’re clairvoyant, or hear sounds or a song if you’re clairaudient. Write the symbols in your journal. Later, you’ll have a record of the symbols you commonly see.
  8. Practice seeing auras. Ask a friend to stand by a light-colored wall, then stand back about 8 feet from your friend. Focus on your friend’s forehead, the area of the third eye. Imagine you’re looking through your friend, at the wall. You’ll first start to notice an aura around the friend’s head.
  9. Develop clairaudience, your psychic sense of hearing. Every night before you fall asleep, lie quietly in bed and focus on the sounds you hear. Focusing on normal sounds you usually ignore sharpens clairaudience.
  10. Frequently practice giving readings. You can read endlessly about psychic abilities, but if you don’t practice, yours won’t develop.
  11. Do readings on old pictures of family members you’ve never met. Focus on the people in the pictures and write down what you’re sensing about them. This is a fun way to develop your abilities.
  12. Keep a journal to help you connect with your soul and your spirit guides. Start by thinking about a situation in which you could use guidance, and journal about it. Relax and let yourself be guided.
  13. Ask a friend to telepathically call you in your mind. Hold an image of your friend in your mind. Energetically ask the friend to make contact with you.
  14. Join a spiritual group. This serve as a safe, caring place to develop your psychic and mediumship abilities.
  15. Meet other mediums and psychics. It’s helpful to have support from others. If you’re just developing your gifts, you can practice together.
  16. Learn to control the psychic abilities you have. Then you won’t always be “on,” and can take breaks from tuning in to others’ energy.

Before intuitive practice and readings, picture a lit candle in your mind, and invite in your spirit helpers. Visualizing the candle allows your spirit guides to know you’re open to communication with them. It will help you learn to switch your gifts “on” when you want to.

Also learn how to turn “off” your gifts. When you’re finished practicing, picture yourself blowing out the candle. Be sure to thank your spiritual guides for their help. These exercises will help you gain control over when you use your gifts or work with spirits.

  1. Develop clairvoyance. Focus on the area of your third eye (between and just above your eyebrows). Imagine the eye opening up. You may feel tingling when doing this.
  2. Keep your vibration high. Spirits vibrate at very high frequencies. Living an authentic, joyful life connects you closer to the spiritual realm and to your higher self. As like attracts like, you’ll begin attracting other spiritually open people to yourself.
  3. Add high-vibration foods to your diet, like fresh vegetables and fruits. This will help you feel good physically, which makes it easier for you to develop your psychic abilities.
  4. Start a dream journal. Developing your psychic abilities can cause you to have very vivid dreams, since your logical mind doesn’t resist spiritual energy while you sleep. Keeping a dream journal is helpful, and will be a nice remembrance of your spiritual journey.

These are just a few ways to help develop your abilities. There are many others. Why not give them a try? Just remember to have fun with them!

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