Are You Clairvoyant? Find Out Now!

Have you ever wondered if you’re clairvoyant? Clairvoyance (which means “clear seeing”) is something you may have already experienced, but you may not have understood what it was.

Clairvoyance isn’t as dramatic as it’s sometimes depicted in movies or on TV. It’s usually much more subtle, and the visions you experience are in your mind’s eye.

Clairvoyance is sometimes so subtle that you may feel like you imagined it or made something up. You can experience this type of “seeing” even with your eyes open. If you think you may be clairvoyant but you’re not sure, check out the following list and see how many points you can relate to. Clairvoyant psychics don’t necessarily answer “yes” to all of these.

  • Do you experience mental images randomly flashing before your eyes?
  • Is it easy for you to visualize people, places, and other things?
  • Do you ever see flashes of images, symbols, numbers or colors,?
  • Does it ever feel like you have a movie playing in your head?
  • Can you sometimes see shadows that seem to float in the air, flashing or glittering lights, or twinkling lights or movements out of the corners of your eyes?
  • Do you ever see floating blobs or colored orbs in the air?

Here’s what some of those things mean.

  • If you experience visual psychic flashes of color and light, this can sometimes be spirit guides or other spiritual family members.
  • If you see glowing areas of light around people, you may be seeing their auras.
  • Clairvoyance is related to seeing, so visualization is a significant component of it. So if you’re clairvoyant, you may daydream easily, or you might easily picture in your mind how things should be set up or assembled so they fit together or work correctly. For example, when you buy furniture you need to assemble yourself, you’re able to put it together quickly because it’s obvious to you how it should fit together.

signs that you may be a clairvoyant psychicHere are some more signs that you may be a clairvoyant psychic:

  • You have a reliable sense of direction, almost like you’re a human version of a GPS.
  • You easily complete spatial-visual tasks, like solving mazes in puzzle books, and reading maps.
  • You’re drawn to hobbies and jobs that visually excite you. Clairvoyant psychics might enjoy perusing home decorating blogs or feel drawn to careers in interior design or landscaping.
  • You appreciate beautiful things. You may feel attracted to things like tasteful home decor, photography, or fine art.
  • You can plan out or envision things in your head.
  • You’re able to map out new landscaping ideas in your head.
  • You can see how things will look before you complete projects. For example, you know how your living room will look after the antique side table is painted white, the sofa is reupholstered in tan velveteen, and you tie it all together with striped accent pillows and sheer curtains.
  • You’ve always had a vivid imagination.
  • When you were a child, you had multiple imaginary friends, and they all had detailed life stories.
  • You have frequent and/or vivid dreams.

Some clairvoyants have many of those characteristics, but most don’t have all of them.

Improving Your Clairvoyant Abilities

Honing your clairvoyant gifts is easier, and likely much more fun, than you thought it could be. It’s like learning any other skill. Patience and practice are what is needed. Spend time relaxing, meditating and visualizing.

For more information on improving your clairvoyant abilities and opening your Third Eye Chakra, settle in and read the clairvoyance series in the Education tab of my blog. Articles there include “Increasing Your Psychic Seeing” and “Trusting Clairvoyance Despite Doubt.” Happy learning!

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