6 Ways to Tell if You are a Lightworker

People with heighten sensitives are a blessing to the world. They are able to use their gifts to help promote healing throughout the world. These empaths have a talent to sense what other people are thinking, feeling or require in order to overcome lingering wounds. They use their talents of reading people to help empower them to grow as individuals.

If this resonates with you, you might be a lightworker. You most likely desire to service something greater than yourself and want to create lasting change to communities around you.

Here are six clear indications that your life’s purpose is to be a lightworker:

1. Keen intuition: Have you ever been able to sense when something was about to happen? It might have felt like you had such clarity it was like you see a movie of the future play out before you. Lightworkers have an inherent wisdom about life and the people they care about. Even when you were younger you could tell when something bad was about to occur. You enjoy pursuing philosophical questions and theories. Lightworkers are fascinated about the human experience and feel compelled to help.
2. Desire to improve society: Lightworkers have a profound insight into the world and run towards the difficult moments in order to understand the larger picture. By understanding how things work, you have cultivated a rich empathetic talent and actively spread love to others. Your compassionate nature is an essential aspect of your spirit, even when it comes at a cost to your wellbeing. You may be drawn towards fields of service like teaching or healing careers.
3. Ability to read other people’s auras: You can meet a person and immediately know if they are having a bad day, in pain, or in love. When you feel a drop in your energy fields it is because you are sensing and probably absorbing the negative energy of others. Find time to recharge yourself. Lightworkers are empathic to a fault and easily accumulate external energy.
4. Trauma history: Life hasn’t always been easy or kind to you. However, each struggle taught you valuable lessons and left you a stronger person. It was through your trauma that you have been able to comprehend the diverse struggles and wounds of other people, communities and the world itself. Without meaning to search for it, you have gained profound spiritual grow that you feel compelled to share with the rest of the world.
5. Spiritual nature: It seems like you have always been passionate about spirituality and self-growth. This can either involve or be independent from the concept of “religion.” As a child you might have been drawn to mythology and learning about ancient religions and cultures. This passionate resulted in becoming a sponge for the lessons about promoting goodness and light to make life more meaningful. You relish the quest to discover your higher purpose for this life and encourage others to seek out meaning.
6. Feeling like an old soul: You always felt older than your chronically age. People often commented when you were a child that you had wisdom or interests beyond your years. You are an excellent listener that dispenses well-crafted advice or feedback to others. You have always been a supporter and a voice for the under dog since you were a small child. You have long been able to establish the various needs of people you encounter. You always been a beacon of hope, love and light to everyone in your life.

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