Signs You are Nearing a Spiritual Awakening

If you are not sure when the last time you felt a shift in your soul was or you have not recently had a turning point that affected you body, mind, and spirit, there is no need to lose hope. You may be closer than you think, but need to understand the signs. Spiritual growth is like any journey, coming in waves that may slowly drift or may surge forward.

Below are several signs to point to a nearing spiritual awakening:

It Seems Like You are Losing

If life has been recently full of intense upheaval, a spiritual awakening may be just around the corner. Perhaps friends and family are distant, your marriage is on the rocks, you have health problems, or a major health crisis has come up. This may be a time for reinvention of the self and deep introspection over your core values.

An Empty Feeling

If you have a deep longing you cannot seem to fill or the things you love no longer bring real joy, then you may be nearing a transition time. You may feel restless and aware you need a change, but not sure where to begin. You are actually longing for a deeper connection to self and the higher power. Sometimes, just admitting something is missing will help you realize what it is you need.

Sudden Burst of New Interests

If new interests have started stirring and the need to create is exploding, then you may be having a spiritual awakening. You may want to take up writing, painting, travel, or even spend more time in nature. If something is calling to you, then do not ignore the signals because it may awaken an innate gift or talent. Give it a try.

Everything You Believed Changes

This sign is clear and the most obvious. Something suddenly clicks and your limiting beliefs are replaced with confidence, despair gives way to a sense of renewed hope. Abilities that were once out of your comfort zone will now seem viable as you become attuned to your life’s purpose. The spirit is revealing its plans so you can follow through.

You Hear Voices of Guidance

You may hear comforting voices that speak to your soul because you are finally ready to hear. These are words of wisdom from the inner self or from a loved one that has passed. They will offer calm guidance when you need it and are ready for the truth that comes. Although the words may sound simple, listen closely, and heed them. The more you listen, the more doors to intuition will open.

Repeated Messages or Signs

Perhaps a friend mentions a retreat that sounds amazing and then you see an ad for the same retreat later in the day. Then a few days later you read about the benefits of a spiritual getaway like rejuvenation, peace, and connection. Maybe later that night, your husband suggests you get away for some ‘you’ time. This repeating message is a sign of an upcoming spiritual shift. Do not ignore the signs because they are repeated for a reason. The signs could be random coincidence, but they are more likely an invitation to explore the needs of your soul. You are being summoned to dig deeper and make necessary changes to align with your higher self. When you pay attention to these signs, you will be closer to your higher power.

If you are experiencing one or more of these signs, pay attention. Take note of the overall experience and follow it to a deeper, life-altering connection that is transformative.

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