Making Peace with the Restless Mind

With uncertain times often comes a restless mind. It can be difficult to find peace. Regardless of what causes your mind to be restless, it is inevitable in our lives at some point. Self-care tactics can be helpful for stress relief and clarity, but to calm an anxious mind we may need to work a bit harder. Below are some useful techniques to help find your inner peace and calm your mind.

Let Thoughts Wander

The more we work to control our thoughts, the more they want to stick around obsessively. Allow them to drift away instead of overthinking. Instead of focusing on what could be, just let the thought go and deal with whatever arises.


Being mindful is about living in the moment and can help you separate yourself from the thoughts not about the present moment. There is no need to borrow trouble by focusing on something not happening in the moment. Tune into senses to stay present in the moment while eliminating extraneous expectations that may get your sidetracked.

Negatives to Positives

As the sayings go “Make lemonade from lemons” or “Turn that frown upside down.” If you are feeling blah, get up and get moving in some fun way to improve physical health. If it is raining and ruined your outdoor plans, take a mental health day or work on that home to do list instead of complaining.

Rid Yourself of Destructive Beliefs

We are all hard on ourselves at times, but being perpetually negative can deplete your entire self-worth and keep you from being your best self. Challenge these destructive beliefs by forcing yourself to add some optimism. If you think you will never achieve a certain goal, you will not. Tell yourself you can succeed, you can find love, and things will turn out well.

Remember You are in Control

Your mind is not the same as your personal identity. There will be occasion when unsettling or random thoughts pop up. This is normal, but they do not define who you are as a person. You control your thoughts so simply put them aside and move forward.

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