Find Out if Your Ego is Holding You Back

Everyone has psychic powers, but they have to learn to understand them and to strengthen them so that they can be accurate when they use them.


The ego is part of your inner being and it is the way that you fight against thing and that you compete with others. This is something that will get out of control and tell you that you are better than other people and that you are unable to find people that are worthy of your time.

The ego is the part of you that helps you to see that you deserve a share and helps you to have clothing, shelter, and food. The ego is your higher self, and your ego is always battling to be better than the soul.

The Ego and Psychic Gifts

The psychic gifts are there, and your ego will try to make you believe that you are better than others, but it also can help you to know that you are able to have a gift to use. Psychic abilities are there when someone is born but not everyone uses them or believes they are there.

The ego will be a part of your development and it will stop you from getting things done. It will tell you that you have other motives, and it will make you not able to identify your good parts.

Knowing that there are so many negative things about the ego, you have to know that you have to let your ego go in order to be calm and to have an open heart. Being aware of your ego will give you more confidence and help you to have better intentions in life.

Ego in the Way

There are different ways that your ego can get in the way of your psychic giftings. If you learn to overcome this, you will see that your development will increase quickly.

Here are some ways your ego will get in the way:

  • It is always assuming.
  • It never lets you make a choice without second guessing yourself.
  • It closes out good possibilities in your life.
  • It puts doubt inside of you.
  • It always has a different motive.

If you don’t get something in life, you just don’t get it. There is not a true guarantee that good things will happen to you and this is where some people overthink things.

Your soul will be there to feed your ego and you will have to learn to keep it in check in order to find your purpose. Your purpose is driven by higher energies and when you are compassionate and loving, your ego will calm down and will get out of the way.

Knowing if Your Ego Blocks You

When you begin doubting yourself often, this can be a sign that your ego is taking over. You have to stop over analyzing things. Over analyzing means that you are not trusting yourself and that you are full of doubt. Stop making things so complicated in your life.

When you are doing a reading and someone sits in front of you, sometimes you will get the message right and sometimes you won’t. This happens to everyone and you are not failing like you feel that you are. You have to learn to redirect your mindset and ground yourself so that you can work on your ego and your heart.

If you have a reading and it upsets you, you have to understand that you might possibly have negative emotions. This can mean that you are not allowing yourself to be responsible for what is going on and what went wrong in the reading because of your ego.

You have to understand that a reading is reaching out to the higher power and there is a deeper meaning when you get a reading, and you have to learn to understand that it won’t always be what you want it to be. You have to strive to be better but know that you are not going to be perfect. Being perfect is unnatural and you have to work to better yourself as time goes on.

You need to believe in yourself and you will find that you have great experiences. You will have times where you will reach your psychic self and you will get things right. You will realize that you have overjudged yourself or been unfair and now you can get your life in order.

Stopping Your Ego

When you feel the ego creeping in, know that life is not all about you. Learn to refocus you’re thinking and get rid of negative thoughts and feelings. Learn to ground yourself by meditating or by talking to a psychic. You need to reach out to the higher powers and ask them to help you.

Recognize that you are allowing your ego to take over and that you are making things harder than they should be.

Ego Blocks

Some of the biggest ego blocks are pleasing others, never thinking you are wrong and not believing people when they say that you are right.

If you are always trying to please someone then you need to reevaluate your life. This can mean that you are allowing your ego to take over and that you are being dishonest with yourself.

Do you worry about being wrong? You are not always going to be right and this is something that you just have to get over. You will get things right and you will get things wrong and there is nothing bad about being wrong sometimes.

Remember, you have psychic gifts, and you have to stop doubting yourself. Do you have visions or dreams? Do you hear things before they are said or are you able to tell when someone is sick?  This means you have a psychic gifting, and you need to not let your ego stop you.

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