Soulmate or Past Life Relationship

Have you ever been in a relationship where you feel like you know exactly what that person is thinking at all times and you feel that there are emotions that are connected to them? If your relationship with this person is strong, chances are this could be a past life relationship.

If you meet someone from your past life, it can make you believe that you have met your soulmate because you feel like you have known them forever and you create a bond with them that is inseparable. There is a difference between a soulmate relationship and a past life relationship.

Meeting your soulmate means that you have dealt with struggles and you have learned to function through the relationship, but you have the best interest of each other in mind.

In a past life relationship the relationship is hard, and it never gets better. It can be extreme excitement and then unforgettable pain. It can be so intense that you feel that your problems are taking you over again and again because you want things to be differently so badly. These relationships are like being addicted to a drug and this is never unconditional love. No matter what you feel, no matter how mad you are at them, once they call you, you get hooked.

Why does this happen? Your soul has to learn to heal and has to learn different lessons through life. The love that you have for others will get deeper as you grow, and some people have a hard time letting go of experiences that make them feel high. They feel that their soul is trying to be with something different and to heal and so they find new strength in this.

Some past life relationships will not give you happiness and might even take your happiness away. You may have great emotional feelings and strong sex, but your dramas will take over and you will end up sad and disappointed. No matter how much you try to change your heart, you will keep wanting this and have to have it.

A past love relationship is hard for people to deal with because it feels that your life is over when the relationship ends, and you try to find things to fill your void. You have to love yourself as much as you love someone, and you have to learn to understand what you need and give yourself these needs. The universe will send back to you what you send into the universe and if you have no self-love, you will not get self-love back.

You must learn to trust the universe and what you believe in and you have to learn to trust your relationships to work out for you. You know what you deserve, and you know that you are worthy of love and you have to find a soul that gives this back to you.

Being in the right relationship means that you are built up and your self-esteem increases and not the other way around.

You have to let go of relationships that are bad for you and let the magic and miracles come to you. You have to build good karma in your life and expect good things to manifest to you.

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