Finding Spirit Portals

Spirit portals are places that you can go so that you can be between the universe and the realms. This is a place that has different shapes depending on the spiritual energy that surrounds you in your location.

Spirits can find the portals in order to reach out to you and you can make your own portal if you want to explore the spirit world. This is not something you should do if you aren’t sure about what you are doing.

Signs of a Portal

The location of a portal that is most known to you will be in places where you hear different noises and where you see things moving in part of your home. A spirit portal can form anywhere that you live. If you want to know if there is a spirit portal you can hold a pendulum there and if it begins to move in a circle it means a portal could be there.

There can also be activity that surrounds certain people. People can become portals or channels and mediums are often called portals. They allow spirits to connect with them and use them.

Known Portals

Spirit portals can be found almost anywhere there is energy. There are many places that are in different locations such as:

  • Around windows.
  • By doors.
  • Close to wardrobes that have doors.
  • Close to waterfalls, rivers, or streams.
  • In fissures.
  • In fireplaces.
  • By fire pits.

Portals will normally form only where there is spiritual activity. This can be in a place where spirts come and go such as nursing homes or hospitals.

Opening a Portal

If you want to open your own portal you can do this by talking to a medium or a psychic. Knowing how to open a portal is something that is hard, and you have to be very skilled. If you don’t know about the psychic or their giftings, find out before you have them open the portal.

You need to have strong meditation skills in order to open your own portal and you have to be able to imagine your life and light with your mind eye. You can do this and see your energy expand until you are able to travel to a different realm.

Protecting Your Portals

If you want to be close to spirits, you need to learn to communicate with the spirit world. You can do this by learning to meditate and ground yourself and look at other realms around you. You can do this by asking the earth’s energy to fill you.

Channel the energy of the earth and let it come to the portal. When you want the portal to open, imagine there being light across the portal and if you want to close it, imagine the energy coming out of the portal and close it like a drawstring bag.

Use the portal carefully or you can bring spirits into your home that you do not want to open up to. Talk to a trusted psychic for the best ways to open and close portals.

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