Signs You are Opening Your Third Eye

The third eye is where you get your intuition from and where your spiritual gifts can open up. This can help you to have energy in your body and mind.

Your third eye is where you can reach your spiritual self and when it is open you will reach your conscious self and will be more powerful.

The third eye is also called the Ajna chakra. This is found in the middle of your forehead. People that open this often have visions and are able to see things such as spirits around them and aura colors.

The third eye will work with your organs such as your pineal gland and works with your brain to give you spiritual sight. It also helps with other parts of your body but the most important is that it increases your spiritual gifts and psychic abilities.

When the third eye opens, the person is on their way to their enlightening and on the right path that the universe has for them.

Things happen the way that the universe wants them to and when you are experiencing different changes in your life, this can be signing your third eye is opening.

Signs of the Third Eye Opening

If you feel a pressure between your eyebrows, chances are you are experiencing your third eye opening. This can make you feel sensitive even to touch and can be a pressure.

You are not going crazy; this is just part of your journey.


The third eye opening can be a big experience and so it can bring some pain. If you are having mild headaches a lot, then you will see that your kundalini energy is often trying to open up.

When this happens, it can have a build up of energy and it can cause you some pain in your head or even in your spine. When your third eye opens it means you are being awakened and the headaches are nothing to worry about.

Use energy healing methods such as reiki to get rid of headaches.


You might feel that you have incredible intuition already but when your third eye opens it will be stronger than you ever expected.

You will know what people are feeling and thinking and you will know what is going to happen in your future.

Your intuition will guide you and help you to do the right things. When your third eye opens it is important that your spiritual path increases.


Sometimes people will all of a sudden have telepathy. You will sense what people are thinking without asking them and you will know you are right.

Maybe you will have friends that you will know what they are feeling or thinking, and they will tell you later and prove you are right.

When you experience telepathy, do not be afraid this is just part of your abilities.


You will have giftings that get stronger inside of you and you will be able to predict certain things that are going to happen.

You might be able to warn people and to be warned about things that are going on in your life or events that take place.

Be serious when you have visions and know that it is part of the universe’s plan. Do not hide your gift or you might lose your gift.

Lucid Dreaming

Your dreams will become vivid and you will get messages from your spirit guide. The dreams you have will be from the past or can even be future dreams.

Chances are that your dreams will be very emotional, and you might have messages that help you move forward in your future.

Take action after your dreams and meditate and ask your guides what they mean. Always write down what you hear and what messages you get in your dreams, so you do not forget.

Eating Changes

Food will help to give or take away your energy. When you are opening your third eye you will want to increase your vibrations.

You can do this by eating healthy and changing the way you eat. Stop eating meat because you might feel the feelings of the animal being killed.

You might stop eating processed foods and start eating more fruits and vegetables. Doing this can increase your physical energy.


Synchronicities are going to be part of your life but when your third eye begins to open you will be more aware of them.

Things will become coincidental but know that the universe has no coincidences. You will learn to understand why things are happening in your life and you will be on your journey.

When you reach your spiritual journey will you understand your meetings and why they happened.

Synchronicities will help you to understand life and know that you have a divine plan.

Light and Sensitivities

When your third eye begins to open you will be more sensitive to things around you. You will see lights as brighter and you might have a hard time tolerating how bright they are.

You will see colors that are bright, and you will see more colors than you have ever seen.

Your conscious mind is opening up and is letting you see into the spirit world.

Lights and Shapes

When your eyes are closed you will begin to see light and shapes that you never saw before. The shapes might be geometric and different patterns.

Some people see white or purple or blue when they see these lights and they will constantly change. You might get distracted by them or have a hard time sleeping because you see them.


It will be important for you to know and seek your purpose. You will want to be more meaningful in your life and you will have the urge to reach your higher self.

People are put on earth for a divine purpose and you have a calling. When your third eye opens you will seek your calling and not ignore it. You will want to make changes in your life, and this will be in your relationship, job and more.

You will begin to devote time to important things and give up meaningful things. You will want to do things that have an impact on life and on others. You will devote your time to helping people that need you.

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