How Soul Contracts are Formed

Incarnations such as your spirit guides or angels are there to help you plan your life and can help you to experience good things in your life. Your guides are there to help you to grow and to better who you are, reaching your highest self.

Before you incarnate, you have many lessons that you have to learn, and your guides are there to help make decisions on your life such as:

  • What gender you are.
  • What your skin color will be.
  • Your sexual orientation.

All incarnations have a plan for their life and their soul, and you will have to go through different experiences in order to know what your soul is mean to do.

Everyone has been a victim at one time or other and many have played different roles in life. You must learn to clear out any karma that will cause you to experience bad things and experiences in your life.

The choices of your gender and skin color can give you opportunities and teach you things in your life. You also have to release traumas from your past so that you can learn to forgive others and yourself. We are all humans and we have all felt bad because of things in our past.

When you let go of things that have hurt you and caused you to be close minded, you can see that you can be open minded and you can go down the right course in your life. You can gain knowledge so that you can reach your higher being which can help you to get past your ego and see the universe for what it is.

Things often hold us back such as fear, stress or worry and sometimes we feel threatened by others because we worry about getting hurt. The ego is there to control you, but you have to learn to go past the ego and to let the universe help you.


The color of your skin or your sexual orientation can make your life hard. When you are on a different course in life and you want to reach your goals, chances are that your ego might get in the way. You have to learn to face good opportunities and they can be both physical and spiritual. Here are some reasons for growth:

  • So, your soul can understand humanity.
  • So, you can be enlightened.
  • Allowing you to understand prejudice.
  • Making hard decisions so you can have evolution.

There are many good things that can help you to grow and you can reach these things by being about others more than yourself. You have to allow your soul to grow and to let go of negative judgements of others.

Learn to love other for who they are and to allow them to be free.


The choices that you make can give you an opportunity to be unified with other people. There are people that are in your life that you will have to be compassionate with and that you will have to learn to accept and love.

When you want to better your life, find out who you are but make choices to help others as well. Honor the things that people do and learn them as lessons so that you can grow.

Divine Light

When you learn to grow and your soul changes, you will see that you are on the path of light. You will allow your soul to keep you grounded and it can help you to access who you are and who you are meant to be.

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