Numerology and Astrology

Astrocartography is known as astrology and is a tool that astrologers use so that they can map out certain locations that could help you have more energy where you can reach your goals.

There are different times in your life that you need different energies. If you are in high school, you might need to focus and study on what you are working on. There are places that can help you to focus while other places won’t.

If you want a better relationship and you want to settle down with a partner, you need to be in a place where you can pick up the energy of someone that is drawn to you.

Astrocartography can be used to help you find the places you want to visit and can help you to find the place where you can have energy that helps you to build your life. There are things that can happen depending on the location you are in.

Ascendant Line

The Ascendant line is the personality and self-expression that you have. This is a gift that allows the sun to shine on you. This is a place where you will be confident, and you will be upbeat.

The Venus, when on the ascendent line, will give you a place where you can have an important role and Saturn on this line will help you to be disciplined and responsible but will also make you feel bad when you are upset about something.

Mars on the line will show you how confident you are and help you to get what you want in life.

The IC

The IC Line is the lowest point and it is the place that will influence your family life. If you have Jupiter there, you will have a large life and you will have a nice home. This is a place where you can be blessed.

If you are an athlete though, you want to avoid areas on the Mars and IC line because it will be an active and conflicting spot.

You have to find the right place to live so that you can know what is perfect for you and where you will feel the most attuned to your surroundings. You need to find a place to raise your family if that is what you want in your life.

The Neptune and IC line are the place to go if you want to be stronger in your spirit. This is a place where you can have peace and where you will understand your roots more.

The Sun and the IC line is ap lace where you can retire because it is a relaxing place that does not have a lot of pressure on it. If you want a laid-back area to live, pick this spot.

Descendent Line

Planets on the Descendant line will change your interactions with people, such as relationships. Love can come easy if you are on the Venus and Descendant line. This is the place where you will meet a partner that loves you and wants to give you joy and peace. This can also bring you financial success.

If you want to settle down, then stay away from the Uranus and Descendant line because this can be an unstable place and will bring an unstable partner to you that twill just disappear on you. This can also bring someone that is very independent and will not want to settle down.

If you want a fulfilling and emotional relationship, live by the Moon and the Descendent line. This can allow you to have strong communication and a good relationship.

The MC

The MC line or the Medium Coeli line are the highest point and they are career lines. If you want to have a good self-image and you want people to like you, you need to move on the Sun and MC line. This is a place where you can have fame and be in the spotlight.

If you want to have smarts and communication, move to the Mercury and MC line and you will be able to speak well and be happy.

If you are wanting to be in control and have power, you need to move to the Pluto and MC line, and this will be your new profession. Chances are though that you will meet strong opponents here, but you can support the law enforcement and the military.

Where Do You Belong?

Getting an Astrocartography chart is not hard and all you have to do is have the date of your birth, the place of your birth, the time of your birth and then put it on the website. When you do this, you can know where you should live that will align with what you desire in your life. You can make changes to make sure that you are happy, and you find the right places to live.

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