Levels of Higher Consciousness

Being in a higher consciousness means that you have a deep understanding of nature and of reality. This is a role that people have in their life that allows their mind and their spirit to develop.

Life is not just events that happen or things that you have done wrong or right, life is something that is always with you and is always showing you new things and helping you to reach your higher state of consciousness.

Look at how you see life and know that there are things that you can control or fix but there are also things in your life that happen so you can grow.

The journey that you take in life is to lead you to a higher consciousness. You can figure out that life is wanting to give you good things and that life wants you to see what is happening on the earth and with other people. Life is part of an evolution and life is always changing and helping you to grow.

Life is like a mystery and each experience that you have is something that allows you to realize what life wants to show you. When you are open to life and what it has for you, you can grow and feel more alive.

Levels of Consciousness’

Life is part of a journey in your unconscious and conscious mind. Here are some phases that you will experience in your life:

  • To you
  • By you
  • In you
  • Through You
  • Is you

Life has different levels of consciousness and can give you different kind of healing and health. Life is there to help you experience new things and to help you to have peace and happiness. Each person has a unique journey.

To You

Most of your life, you were a human being and life was happening to you. You have to be honest with who you are in order to understand what you have been through and what is coming to you. If you get fired or get sick, life is just happening to you.

When you use your unconscious mind, you sometimes will feel like when life happens to you that you become a victim but you have to realize that life depends on you and figure out what is happening and why. Be open minded to life.

By You

When things are uncomfortable to you and you have no power, this is when life is happening by you. Instead of you being a victim of your circumstances, you can learn to control what happens to you and control your feelings and your conscious being.

Stop being a victim and learn to go to a higher state of consciousness. The problem is many people become a victim and they have a hard time getting out of that phase. They feel that they are treated badly because of their skin color, their sex or who they are.

You have to put effort into reaching your higher consciousness. You can make this happen by setting goals and having good intentions.

You have to use your mind to set your goals and to figure out how you can be in control of your path. You can do this to start your path to your awakening and you will recognize that your life is good.

Being in control can help you to form a reality where your thoughts and your life can get where it wants to be. If you think that you can control your life, you will see that you can reach a higher phase of consciousness and that you can have a flow of creativity in your life.

Once you have been in this level for a while, chances are you will become afraid of what you are thinking. You will then be shamed for your thoughts and then you will know that something better is coming.

In You

You will start to see that you are being in control and even though this has not given you happiness, you have begun to struggle less. You are being more open, and you are seeing that life is happening in you.

This level of consciousness can help you to realize that you are seeing life and experiencing new things in your mind. You will see what others see. Maybe you will begin to see people in your mind that you miss.

This is a place where you might to realize that you have suffered in life and in some of your experiences. This is where you realize that happiness comes from inside of you and even when you feel like life is bad or miserable, that is just a feeling.

You will begin to live your life and not be a victim anymore. You will learn to change things and learn to heal. You will see where your suffering comes from and start to come back to where you were.

For You

The more you desire to know what is inside of you, the more you will become in control. You will realize at this point that life is for you. You will see that things do not happen by accident and this is part of your journey.

Life does not just happen, and you are put into situations so that you can grow. No matter what is happening in your life, you can begin in this stage to understand it.

This is the place in your life that shapes you to who you should be. This stage will be full of pain and full of loss and suffering but the suffering is from the resistance of your experiences. Instead of stopping yourself from experiencing things, you have to learn to understand and embrace your experiences.

Even small moments are important, and it is here that you will become curious about what is happening to you. You will feel free and you will learn to let go of negative energies in your life and be more open.

Through You

You will be in a higher place at this point and you will realize that your life is not ordinary. You will see that life speaks to you and gives you experiences so that you can change, and you can allow life to move through you.

You will learn to trust your life and when you wake up, you will crave adventure like never before. Instead of struggling with life, you will allow your heart and soul to be open to new things and to challenges.

You will find that you are reacting in a positive way and letting things go. The energy flow that will move through you will help you feel alive. It will give you joy, and creativity and you will see things clearer than ever.

You will be thankful for what you have experienced, and you will see that things in your life are looking up. You will know that the universe is there to take you on a step by step journey and to help you to see how beautiful things are.

Is You

When you can stand with life, you will allow it to move through you and you will react and be in control of it.

This is the level of consciousness that says life is you. This is where you learn to be creative and you learn to be strong and happy. You will love nature and the universe, and you will focus on what the universe has and the miracle it has given you.

When you look at the different phases of life, you will see that it is all about fixing and changing who you are. You will change your thought patterns and learn to be creative and happy.

As you go through the phases, your mind will become more curious and you will see that life is happening in you and you will see that you can change anything and experience new things. This can bring you different emotions, but you will be clear about it and know that life is for you.

The last two phases will show you that you can relax and go with the flow. You can have joy in life, and you can learn to see that you are what life is.

Most people live in only the first two phases and they never get to the point where they love life to the fullest. You have to go through healing and struggle to get to these points in your life.

The truth is that you have to realize that you are always changing and that there are different things that you will go through. You must embrace this.


If you want to evolve in life, you have to learn to trust yourself and trust life. When you feel that you do not trust things in your life, your heart will be hard and you might experience sicknesses and have to deal with things that are hard, but you can handle it.

If you do not trust your life, you will not be open to what it has to give you. You will never reach your higher consciousness when you do not trust life. Learn to trust it and know that it can be controlled. Life is smarter than you are, and you have to understand that you live in a small world but that there are so many things around you that you can be open to.

You have to realize that you can see life in a bigger picture. Imagine how beautiful the earth is and all of its glory. Pay attention to what you see in front of you and what you are feeling. Imagine looking at the earth like it is a movie. Look at the water, the grass, the trees, flowers, animals, people and all the things you see.

Life has evolved and continues to change. Imagine areas that have not been explored and realize that life is this way. All people have things in their life that they are always discovering and finding.

Imagine your lifecycle of your parents, grandparents, and your ancestors. Imagine what their life was. Now imagine yourself and your own life. What did you do this morning? Imagine that there are millions of things happening around you but yet you are there.

Know that nothing is ordinary, and life is a gift. Life is something that is short, and you will see the mysterious as life continues to unfold.


Think about your life and your own story. Think about when you were born and where you came from. Think about how things were light and dark in your life.

Look past the hard things in life and se ethe creativity and the dependency of life. Think about what has happened on this earth and what amazing things you have seen and done.

Imagine that your body is made up of billions of cells and how your body repairs itself. Think about how you have thoughts, imaginations, knowledge and how you are always gaining more.

Believe in yourself and learn to control what you are feeling. Think about your higher state of consciousness and learn to trust yourself. Trust your heart to beat and your body to breathe. What would happen if this didn’t happen? Remember that the planet keeps spinning and that you keep moving forward.

Imagine that your phase of consciousness is amazing and has changed so many times in your life and you have explored things and allowed yourself to learn to trust life.

You are wiser than what you used to be, and you can use this to help you.

Trusting Life

When you realize that life is smarter than you, you will see how amazing it is. You will see that there is nothing ordinary about your life or the things you experience. You will see what is happening inside and outside of you and you will learn to pay attention to things around you.

You will do things everyday such as cook, eat, work and even though things can be repetitive, you are changing from an unconscious being to something that is experienced. You will see life is for life and you will realize that the earth has given you a reason to be alive.

Having truth means that you are learning that suffering is there to teach you a lesson. Relationships are there for a lesson, your health is there for a lesson.

You will see that suffering comes from inside of you and it happens for a moment in your life, but this is just part of the journey. Challenges happen as a gift so that you can realize the things that the earth does for you to protect you.

When you awaken your higher consciousness, you will see that you can change what is inside of you and you can get a deeper knowing. You will see that your actions have conditioned you to work harder and to be the best you can be.

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