Hijacking Dreams

What if you were able to take your mind and no matter what was going on around you that you could turn what you were thinking in your mind to something that was positive than the world around you.

We have seen this in movies, mostly sci-fi movies where people can understand the different ideas and symbols that they have seen or where they are able to hijack the dreams of other people. Of course, even though this is sometimes seen in the movies and can be a little more than we understand, it still does have some kind of partial truth to it.

Your mind has the power to get messages and to understand the negative and positive realities around you. You can even shift your mind to understand your divine purpose and what things around you mean. This will change the way that you act, the way that you do things and can even allow you to do self-healing, the way that your body was meant to be.

Your mind has different categories such as the conscious and the subconscious mind and you will use the conscious part of your mind when you are looking to embrace the spirit world and to be open to the universe.

Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is the part of your brain that is aware of the things that are going on around you. This is around ten percent of the reality that you have, and this is part of your creative and logical mind powers. This also helps to create the way that you will act and gives you the power to have free will.

No matter what is going on in your life, your conscious mind will help to lead you through the different stages and journeys that your body takes.

Subconscious Mind

The part of your mind that needs to survive and adapt is your subconscious mind. This is where most of your brain usage is and it is the place where learning and functions work.

The subconscious part of your brain helps to control things such as your cell regeneration, hormones, heart rate, respiration and more. This part of your mind is where all of your emotions, the things you believe, and your memories are.

When you are in a relationship with someone, your mind, your subconscious mind to be exact, is where you learn to make choices and to react to the things that happen in your life. This is also where your long-term memory is.

There is a way that you can learn to understand the different parts of your mind and how they affect your reality. This is where you can figure out your stress and find out where diseases come from. You can also use your mind to ask questions and to create a place where you can have a life with less stress and sickness.

There are different steps you can take in life that can help you to choose to change and not to be reactive to what happens in your life. When you look at behavioral situations such as addictions and compulsive thinking patterns, negative self-talk, and other things, you can learn to change these behaviors. When you stop allowing these things, you can see that you can have less stress which can trigger a healthier body that can be free of headaches, allergies, digestive issues, pain, and even immune disorders.

Your body and your behavior are both linked through your subconscious mind and they are what influences how the health of your body is.

You can do these steps and techniques to make sure that you are able to navigate your life through your journey. By having a proper diet, the right mindset and using prevention, you can harness the power of your mind to make your health part of your reality.

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