Twin Flame Relationships

Twin flames are not a new thing and even though it is not new, it is still mysterious to some people that are not able to understand the truth between unions and relationships. This is because everyone has different experiences and each relationship is unique. Having a unique relationship can bring healing and power and can change your life forever.

Twin flame love is one of the strangest and most uncommon relationships that people have. This is the strongest bond you can have with another person because this is one soul that has been divided between you and the other person that you meet.

This started out as one soul that was separated and when you meet your twin flame, the distance that made you feel like something was missing will be changed and you will be hole again. The twin flame will be a huge part of your life and it is not easy to understand, it is a strange feeling and a journey that will never end for you.

The twin flame is your other half and it is the mirror person of who you are. When you meet this person, they will make you feel complete and you will know in your heart that they are the missing piece to your life, and this will come with unconditional love.

This person is the mirror to your soul, and this is something you have to accept. When you meet this person, they will be who they are, and you will love them for it. This will not be with everyone you meet but there is only one real twin flame, and this will be a relationship that is out of this world.

There are different things that people believe when they think of a twin flame and this is not always true. The important thing is that the relationship will be a connection that is almost obsessive, and it is something that can be a relationship that ends in a breakup or even an abusive relationship.

The things that are needed to understand about the twin flame relationship are these things:


When you meet your twin flame, you will have a bond like none other. You will not even be able to explain why you feel so drawn to this person and no matter how hard you try to figure things out, you will just feel pulled to them like a magnetic charge.

You will know this person and be able to communicate without words. They will be able to know what you are feeling, finish your sentences and understand everything about you.

Same and Different

If you want to grow and change, you have to admit that your twin flame is the other part of you. The two of you make one and the needs that you have will be met when you find each other. You will have the same traits and the same identity, but you will be opposites. One will know their emotions while the other will be confused about how they feel. When one is strong, the other might be weak and when one is brave, the other might be afraid.

Your twin flame is different so they can help you to heal.


One thing about the twin flame bond is that you will feel the same about each other. You will be able to be who you are without judgment and this means you can share your emotions and feelings and they will love you and not judge you.

You will be passionate even if you are opposite and they will be the person that you have always been looking for. They will help you to change who you are for the better and teach you life lessons. The energy that your twin flame has will give you freedom and yet you will be completely attached to them.

Being with your twin flame will be easy because you will feel like your soul has found its home.


Twin flames will be together and then they will be apart. One will be a chaser and one a runner and this union is unescapable. Both of the twin souls will want to be together and they will keep being drawn to each other, even when they are apart.

It is impossible to forget about your twin flame and when they are the runner, they are afraid to face their feelings while the chaser will want to be with you and might even have a repeated abusive behavior towards them.

It is important to understand that even if someone is your twin flame, they should not be able to mistreat you or abuse you. If the relationship is abusive, leave for good even when you want to be pulled back in.

Mirror You

Your twin soul will mirror your life and will help you to understand and get rid of your deepest fears. They will bring out emotions that you did not want to face, and they will do everything they can to help you get rid of blockages and fear.

If you are afraid of your sexual behaviors, they will help you and if you are afraid of something, they will help you through it.


When you want to become whole, you have to accept who you are and that means all of your flaws. You have to be strong and not afraid of connecting with your conscious minds. You have to change the way that you communicate and be logical.

When you feel off balance, you have to figure out how to balance yourself and no matter what your twin flame is going through, you have to control your emotions. When your soul is lost, you will find it with your twin flame and become whole again.


You and your twin flame will be together for healing. You will never be the same. You will teach each other lessons that will help you to change. This can be hard and painful, but you will go through stages in your life that make you know that you are wounded. This will want to make you face your fears and your shadows so that you can heal and get rid of negativity in your life.

You will learn to be loving, kind, compassionate and get rid of any jealousy or possessiveness that you have had.


When you meet your twin flame, your life will be full of ups and downs. You will have to change to be whole and this is not easy. You will change the way that you think and will get rid of different beliefs that you had before.

You will have change and you will change inside and out. You will have an awakening and you will find that your path has changed over and over. Conditional love will find you and will help you to bond with your twin flame in a way like you have never bonded with other people.


Unity will help you to find who you really are. You will see that your journey is strong with your twin flame and you will help them to face their fears just as you face yours.

Your connection will be sacred, and you will help each other heal. You will understand what you have been looking for, including unconditional love and you will help them to figure out who they are.

Loving someone like this can change your heart and your mind and no matter what happens, you will feel loved in the moment. When your twin flame leaves you though, you will feel sad, depressed, lonely and empty. You have to learn to love yourself so you can love others.

Once in a Lifetime

Meeting your twin flame will be a way that you can grow and change and become your higher self. This will be something that you will experience once in your life. Sometimes you will miss this because of the growth that happens.

When both you and your twin begin to grow, things will change, and your twin flame has to complete their earthly mission. Growth will always be there, and you cannot force someone to learn their lesson if they are not ready.

Identical Vibrations

No matter where your twin flame is in life, they have the potential to be the same as you. There will always be a strong union, but this does not mean that your relationship will always be happy. This does not mean that you will be with your twin flame for the rest of your life.

You are together with them for a season and you have the same vibrational frequencies, but if they are not mature and ready to love you, the union will not happen.

Love Relationship

The twin flame journey is about growth and is not always about love. They will push you to reach your higher self and to find your purpose in life. They can help you to raise your vibrations, help you to start a business, raise children with you or change your world, but loving you is not their only purpose.


When you meet your twin flame, chances are you will have happiness and sadness. Things can be great or bad and anyone who has ever met their twin flame knows that this kind of relationship is a roller coaster.

The great thing is that a twin flame is nothing that you should ever regret. They will come to change you and will let you accept you for who you are. They will show you knowledge and help you to figure out what you have lost and help you to be yourself.

When you are separated from your twin love, you will repress your emotions because you are waiting for them to show your shadow side. The twin flame will come to you and will be visible to you and your soul will embody them.

The great thing is that your twin flame will be the one for you, but this does not mean that it will be easy, and it does not mean that it will last. Twin flames are not that simple. Once you find your twin flame, you will find that there is love but there will always be things that you are afraid to face.

You will learn about who you are, and you will stop being afraid and stop being so hard on yourself. You will see that everything you do is not bad, and you will accept who you are. You will learn to look at your life and find things you are proud of.

You will see your twin flame and accept their flaws and since they mirror you, you will stop judging yourself and them. Even though the twin flame will have ups and downs, they will help you heal and help your soul be stronger.

When you are learning lessons through your twin flame, you will have healing, learn patience and become whole. Meeting your twin soul can be a problem and can be good and bad. If you go through the runner and chaser stage, meeting your twin flame will be frustrating. This will lead you to awaken in some way or another and to move forward on your journey.

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