Are Psychics Real?

Whether you are just curious about your future or just need a bit of a nudge to make a decision, talking to a psychic may be helpful. Psychics come from all walks of life and can be found in all types of jobs. Some psychics claim to see the future, some help with personal development, some claim to remove curses and others claim to speak to and for the dead. Before you dismiss any of them outright, it is important to understand that there has been extensive research on psychic abilities. Psychics tout abilities online and have physical locations around the world. Before you seek answers to your deepest questions, it pays to know what to expect.

Many psychics place ads that say “for entertainment purposes only” which is a bit of a two-edged sword. Basically, if you take the advice of a psychic based on what they say, you cannot go back and sue them if it does not occur. On the other hand, you may receive valid information. Wither way, a psychic should not be your only source of information when making a significant life decision. Any future type predictions a psychic offers should also be taken with a grain of salt. While there have been some high profile cases in which false psychics had to pay for damages or spend time in jail after targeting desperate people, many will do a less predictive, guidance based reading that points you toward areas of life to focus on to meet your goals. These types of psychics are not looking to predict the future as much as help with current situations. These esoteric practitioners can often help you see through a metaphysical lens and grow to your highest potential.

While we all want to believe in psychics, and women are more likely to do so, this is more based on what we feel or see instead of what we know. This means we see things we want when it comes to future predictions, which makes us vulnerable to suggestions. Some psychics use basic psychological reading of body language to gauge how close they are getting to what you want to hear. Psychics use two common reading types: hot and cold. These are used with clients who are also called sitters. Hot readings mean the psychic uses social media and searches to learn more about the person getting the reading before they arrive and then create a specific reading for that person. Cold readings start with the psychic asking questions and gauging a reaction to judge how close they are to the truth. This is all to say that if you go for a psychic reading, you need to have a bit of skepticism, stay calm, and know that this is more entertainment than anything else.

Types of Psychics

The phrase psychic is actually a catch-all for any kind of future teller. Some practitioners will use tools, while others say they can do a reading online or over the phone.  Since this world is so muddy, there are not any governing bodies to monitor psychics or other energy workers, so know what you are getting when you seek this type of service. A few of the types of psychics are shared below.

  • Psychics – Generally tell things about places, events, people, and times unknown to them, but do not claim to commune or communicate with the departed
  • Mediums – A popular type of psychic that specializes in speaking to and connecting with the dead
  • Intuitives & Clairvoyants – Generally classified as empaths or those who can feel the emotions of others. Typically get strong images, feelings, or thoughts about the client
  • Tarot Readers & Astrologers – These energy workers use tools like tarot cards or birth charts to tell a specific future or communicate with the dead.

Many psychics offer more than one type of reading, but regardless of what you choose, know frauds exist. Anyone demanding more money or that you use specific rituals that require items only they sell, should be a red flag. Just be aware and have fun. Whether you believe in psychics or not, some feel they offer peace and encouragement that can be valuable in today’s world.

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