Creating a Protective Personal Energy Shield

Creating an energetic protection shield to keep you safe from energy around you is important. If you are an empath, someone sensitive to the emotions of your environment or other people, you may often feel you are taking too much in and get overwhelmed, burdened down, or totally drained when around others. If this sounds familiar, then this article may be of some help as we discuss creating a personal energy shield that protects your energy and filters the kind you receive. Consider this shield like a secret superpower that you never realized you possessed.

Keep in mind that energy is everywhere. We are all created from energy and can generate it in every moment of our lives. Thoughts are able to increase or decrease energy as your emotions act as interpreters of the type of energy you experience. Even those you are around can affect your energy type. Energy is the way in which the universe communicates with all matter being unified, not separate. This means that any of our subatomic level processes can be influenced at any moment to take any one of several paths. There is no need for this information to be alarming as we have the power to choose the quality of what you experience. We are each co-creator, not just receivers of energy, unless we want to simply receive. No one can invade your space just because they want to because you are the gatekeeper for your own energy.

There are times when you may develop an energy leak either because you allow it to happen or you are not aware it has happened. The good news is there are a few ways to repair this and take control of your energy back. These will be shared below. However, as a general rule is is good practice to raise your energy daily. This can be accomplished by being around others who are on a high energy plane. If most of your time is spent around those with low energy levels, you will be brought down, but those with higher energy levels will help raise yours so that you are an average of all those you are around. Higher energy always converts the lower, not the other way around. It may seem overwhelming to know how to start claiming the energetic power you hold, which is why most people only go through the motions of this task. Still, there is no need to let the gap between where you are at this point and where you wish to be scare you. Take it slow and you will ultimately reach your goal. Try these specific tips to start preventing or blocking unwanted energy and raise your own.

Shielding Strategies and Techniques

Using psychological shielding strategies can allow you to block or prevent influences that you do not want. You can do this by visualizing a protective shield which would prevent penetration of certain influences so you experience fewer psychological and physical effects.

  • Auric Egg Exercises – This exercise involves light visualization and the aligning of chakras. As you breathe in slowly, visualize an expanding warm light to each chakra center. By the end of the exercise, you will feel expansive and calmed. This is great for an energetic boost.
  • Secret of the Golden Flower – This meditation technique is based on Carl Jung’s writings. This is an ancient esoteric treatise that has been passed orally for centuries and was only recently written down. It formulates a particular meditation that involves the circulation of light.
  • Zipper of Light – This is a way to protect yourself when you do not know the type of energy your day holds or each night as a form of protection. Begin by imagining you have a shield around your energy field in the form of a solid ring of light being zipped tightly around you. As you do this, say “I release anything latched to me that is not mine to take and does not serve me. Release it to be recycled for the greater good.” Then ask the universe to bring back anything you may have lost for some reason to make your energy whole again.

These tools are great to have handy if you need to strengthen your light or if you are an empath that needs extra protection. We may not be able to control every situation we are in, but we can prepare and make our energy and light so strong that it converts any lower energy around. Practice your technique of choice for ten minutes daily and you will feel yourself growing more expansive.

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