Balance and Cleanse Your Aura: Try This Technique

There are times, sometimes each day, that our auras need to be strengthened, repaired, or simply cleansed of all the negativity and muck we have taken in and allowed to muddy our aura. While the exercise below may appear quite simple, it is highly effective when it comes to balancing and cleansing the aura. It can further repair the damage that has already been done as you have gone about your time in the world. This specific exercise can be performed while in almost any comfortable position. It can also be sued for a few brief moments or as long as you feel is needed for a true cleansed feeling. In most cases, longer is often better, but if you push too hard or try to sustain it for too long in one sitting, you can quickly burn out, leaving the process ineffective. The exercises are meant to be relaxing and overall pleasant. Make sure you are not punishing yourself or making cleansing some stressful chore that you will eventually want to avoid completely.

How and Why: This Works

A visualized or real blue light will help with aura strengthening because it is a solid color for protection. Visualizing a golden ball with flecks of gold will further help with the cleansing. Having the blue light balanced around you will help with bringing your aura into balance and even out energies that you have collected. At the same time, it will smooth out any holes in the aura, which can happen during the day, and seal them so your energy can come into balance. Follow the steps below to get started.

  • Visualize yourself surrounded by the blue light, even if you have blue light in the room.
  • Visualize a golden light sphere located just above your head, glowing and floating, speckled with golden flecks.
  • Visualize the flecks of gold gently floating down from the glowing sphere and landing on and around you gently.
  • Visualize breathing in the white light, the good, and exhaling the black, negative light
  • Repeat until you feel cleansed or become uncomfortable

The complete visualization should include you being surrounded in blue light with a glowing golden, gold fleck ball above your head. The golden flecks will float down through the blue light bringing peace, alignment, and cleansing with each fleck that floats by. You are inhaling the clean, healing white light as you exhale illness, bad energy, and negativity as black light. This is a simple way to do an aura cleanse through meditation. In doing so, your aura will become well balanced. Even those auras that are badly damaged from life can be repaired through repeated use of this form of meditation and visualization. You just have to make the time and use the effort necessary.

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