Poses You Can Use to Strengthen Your Chakras

Times are constantly changing, and things can be scary in our world. There are new things that come out of the unknown and as we live through life, we have to be brave and we have to have faith and knowledge of the path we are choosing to take.

One thing that can help you when times are confusing is yoga. Yoga can help to make your chakras balanced and to change you.

There are seven different chakras in your main body, and these are the energy points. The energies are centers throughout your body that help to keep you peaceful and happy. These are the energies that help to keep you strong and helps you to get rid of bad things such as anxiety and fear.

The thing about the chakras is that when you are unbalanced, you need to admit this and know how to fix your chakras so that you can be whole in your mind, body and soul. Being unbalanced can cause you to have physical and emotional pain and once you are able to know which chakra is unbalanced, you can learn to center this energy.

Pay attention to what your body is showing you and when you have changes in your body or mind, figure out what you need to do to balance your life.

Root Chakra

This is the chakra that helps you to be one with the earth. This is where you can find your grounding and where you have your energy. If you feel that your life is changing and you are not feeling grounded, you need to calm your root chakra and make sure it is balanced.

Mountain Pose

One pose that can help to center your root chakra is the Mountain Pose. This can help you to push the energy all the way from your body to the earth and back into the body.

Concentrate on how the earth feels below your feet, take time to breathe deeply and imagine that the energy is being rooted into the earth and that you are grounded.

How to Pose

You can put your feet together or put them apart. Allow your feet to fully be on the ground. Put your palms face forward and your shoulders to be soft as you elongate your spine and stand tall.

Sacral Chakra

This is the place where you can feel your sexual energies and where you have your creativity. This is how you find intimacy with your partner and with people you know.

If you are dealing with strong emotions or you have been abused, this chakra could be blocked. Do you feel guilt or shame or have a hard time trusting people? If you said yes, you need to balance your sacral chakra.

Goddess Pose

This is a pose that can help to strengthen your sacral chakra. This can make your legs and abdomen strong and can help to give you energy that will wake you up inside.

How to Pose

Keep your feet apart and bend your knees above your ankles. Let your feet get close to each other and lower your abdomen. Do this while you breathe in and out deeply.

Solar Plexus

The solar plexus is the chakra that helps you to find courage and joy. This is a chakra that needs to be strong, especially if life is changing for you. When you lack energy and joy, this chakra could be blocked.

Full Boat Pose

This is a pose that allows the energy in your navel to flow through your body. It can help you to have more energy.

How to Pose

You need to start in the Staff Pose and then put your abdomen towards your spine. Lean yourself back so that your shin bones go upward. Keep your legs straight and lift your chest towards your shoulders. Breathe deeply while you strengthen your core.

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the center of your love and compassion. You will feel great and feel unconditional love for yourself and others unless your chakra is blocked.

If you find you have a problem being compassionate or if you are changing in your life and you feel out of touch, your chakra could be blocked.

Camel Pose

The Camel pose will help you to express yourself and to have love again. It can help you if you are grieving or if you need to heal your heart.

How to Pose

Keep your knees on the ground and put your body strong and tall. Put the tops of your feet into the earth and put your hands on the back of your hip. Raise your chest and put your abdomen in and your shoulder blades towards each other. Lift your spine up and bend backward. Hold on to your heels and deep breathe.

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra helps you to speak truth and to express yourself. You can tell others how you are feeling and be honest. When this chakra is blocked, you have a hard time being sure of what you are saying, and you might not be able to speak the truth. This can also affect what you believe.

Fish Pose

This is a pose that will help you to stretch your neck and your throat muscles. It helps to increase your hormonal level and will allow your circulation to flow.

How to Pose

Lay on your back and put your legs together. Lift your ribs and your chest to the sky and relax. Let your crown stay on the mat and keep your shoulder blades together. Deep breathe.

Third Eye Chakra

The chakra that controls your psychic gifting is the third eye chakra. This helps you to have trust in what you believe and will help you to increase your intuition.

Seated Forward Bend Pose

This is a pose that can help you to look deep inside of yourself. Allow yourself to be strong and to unblock the mind chatter that is holding you back.

How to Pose

Put your legs together and put your weight on your pelvis as it goes forward. Let your spine be long and let your neck relax. Hold onto your feet and bend at your knees if you have to. Relax and let your inner gaze and your third eye open up. Let the pressure build on your third eye as you breathe.

Crown Chakra

This is the energy center that can help you to connect with your higher self. When you are balanced and when you are closed off in your life, this can be an imbalance. If you have went through a divorce or if you have been grieving, this can cause your chakra to lose its energy.

Supported Headstand Pose

Since your crown chakra is at the top of your head, there are different pressure regions that can create a way to stimulate your energy center.

How to Pose

Put your forearms on the ground and lace your fingers. Put it at the top of your head and put your head on the ground. Make your legs straight and then lift your legs one at a time. Deep breathe.

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