Knowing Your Eclectic Gifts

Are you someone that is interested in the psychic world? Do you find that you want to know more about the gifts that you or someone else might have?

Here are some of the most popular psychic gifts and tools that psychics use.

Tarot Cards

This is a deck that can help you to figure out your future or help you through a problem. There are 78 cards that you will have to learn and if you are a first-time user, find a deck that is perfect for you such as the Rider-Waite deck.

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are similar to the Tarot deck, but they use different rules. They focus more on the themes instead of the patterns.

The deck has different interpretations and can be useful if you are a first-time user.


Crystals can be used for healing or to help you get over stress. They can help to ground you or help you to find your psychic gifts.


The Pendulum can help you with yes or no questions.


Runes are similar to the Tarot cards, but they do not tell the future. You can use them when you have questions about your life and if you want to know if you are on the right track.

Astrological Table

This is a table that allows you to see the movements of the stars and the planets and to figure out things about your signs.


There are many books about psychic gifts that you can buy in the store or read online. These will help to answer many of your questions.

Psychic Readings

Psychic readings help you to see a professional psychic and to ask them questions. You can get answers for questions that you have, and they can help you with your different problems from relationship problems, job problems and more.


Yoga is a class that is exercise but it also exercises the spirit. It helps you to be one with nature and to reach your higher power.


This is a form of meditation where you concentrate on breathing. This helps you to have peace and helps you to calm and relax.

Singing Bowls

The singing bowls can help you to get out of stress and to have inner peace.

Past Life Regression

When you want to know more about your past, you need to get past life regression and it can help you to know more about yourself.

Affirmation Deck

This is a deck of cards that are full of positive affirmations that you will read and repeat.


People also need self-care and if you are one of those people, try getting a massage. A massage can help you to relax and take off some of the stress of your muscles and joints.

Day Spa

You can plan a day trip to the spay and they will lather you with lotions, put candles around you and spoil you for the day.

Warm Drinks

There are warm drinks that you can use such as coffee, chocolate drinks or even tea to help you feel better. Add sweeteners and marshmallows to make it more special.


This is where you use oils, sprays or candles to relax. It can cleanse your energy and help you to feel better in your life. Be careful about what oils you choose if you have pets.


Journaling is a way that you can write down your thoughts and feelings and you can journal things such as your dreams or your signs.

Crystal Soaps

These soaps can help to get rid of stress and anxiety and they can help you to have abundance, love and positivity. Find ones with crystals that you need.


Some astrological wall art can be used to help you connect with the stars and your signs.

Peppermint Coffee Sugar Scrub

Use this to get rid of stress and to brighten your day. The peppermint will help your senses come to life and will bring healing to you.

Aromatherapy Pillow Mist

Use this to calm you or whatever you need. If you want to have lucid dreaming, find a scent such as chamomile that can help you get there.

Aura Spray

If you have people that have negativity all around them, find an aura spray to keep the negativity away. Use mixtures such as amethyst, quartz and essential oils.

Lavender Eye Pillow

Use this while you sleep to give you peace and to help you relax.

Essential Oil Candles

These can help to create a calm around your life and help you in areas you have need of.

Bath Bombs

You can find bath bombs that are full of essential oils that can help to calm you and relax you or can help you if you have nightmares or other problems in your home.

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