Being an Intuitive Empath is a True Gift: Here’s Why

If you have ever felt you had a heightened sense of emotion and understanding in relation to the feelings of others or feel you are proficient at reading people, then you might be inclined toward being empathic. Being an intuitive empath basically refers to having high sensory perception that can be affected by the energy of others. You may have an innate ability to perceive the feelings of those around you, but something that goes beyond being sensitive. Many believe empaths are naturally intuitive, but this is not true for all empaths. It also does not mean someone is naturally empathetic, as these are different abilities. Empathy is a concern for others beyond the self with the ability to sense the energy and feelings of others or the surroundings. Intuition is an internal feeling that one must understand and evaluate in a situation.

A true empath is someone who can feel the pain, joy, and other emotions of others as they feel their own. Due to this ability, many empaths try to make others happy so they can absorb that happiness. Empaths are often great listeners who will not be fake or ignore others. While these could apply to many good people, a true empath helps others to and often beyond the point of exhaustion. They are also highly sensitive to external forces in the environment beyond the emotions of others.

Intuitive empaths share a number of traits. For example, they tend to hate seeing people suffer, even on television and when feeling strong emotions may feel physical pain related to the despair. Intuitive empaths tend to become attached to people in need and stay attached despite of their own interests. This could be a stranger or a partner, but risks a toxic relationship either way. While these may sound like negative traits, being an empath is also a gift. Below are several ways in which this ability should be considered a gift.

  • Surrounded by Positives – Empaths instinctively turn away from the negative so they tend to be surrounded by positives. This leads to positive friends living a mostly happy life which is contagious and easily shared.
  • Meaningful Careers – Empathic people often work in professions that help others like mentors, life coaches, or teachers. Many also volunteer in ways that help the environment. Due to acute senses, they enjoy hours in nature and can create careers out of giving back to the community.
  • Bring People Together – Since empaths hate to see other people fight or behave in a hostile manner, they serve well as intermediaries who bring opposing sides together. They reduce stress through peacemaking and decreasing resentment.
  • No Rush Decisions – Empaths seek authenticity when making decisions and may be bothered by decisions that are influenced by anything. They will take the necessary time to make an informed, true to self decision. This allows them to resist rushed decisions that will be regretted later.
  • Experiencing the Emotions of a Loved One – Empaths with a strong connection to someone may experience sudden strong emotions or pain to learn later that the one they were close to was feeling that at the same time. This can be unexpected.
  • Focused – Multi-tasking divides one’s attention into many things at once which means nothing is completed to the highest possible level. Intuitive empaths feel comfortable focusing totally on one task which can lead to great success.
  • Listening – Empaths offer trusted companionship to others and people often confide in them for this reason. Even strangers may approach and share personal details which can bring relief to the speaker which is shared by the empath who feels they have helped.
  • Spots Deceit – Empathic people can spot a lie immediately, even if there are just subtle hints of deception. This allows them to avoid deceitful people when confronted, but also to recognize when someone is hiding real emotion by saying they are “fine.”
  • Pick Up Non-Verbal Cues – Empaths can read other people which means they quickly determine whether someone will be in their life long-term or not. Additionally, they can pick up on non-verbal cues for needs and wants, even without words.
  • Big Picture – Empaths have a sense of synchronicity that allows them to grasp the bigger picture or grand scheme of things. They recognize interconnectedness which allows for a feeling of meaning as a goal is worked toward.
  • Imaginative – Empaths may find themselves stuck in the mundane at times, but have no issue allowing their imagination to take over.
  • Artistic and Creative – Empaths are able to convey a message in ways others cannot, projecting their feelings through artistic means. They have a talent for creativity in life through not only art but situations, experiences, and conditions as they arise.
  • Everyone’s Point of View – Empaths are willing to listen and understand everyone’s point of view which makes them lifelong learners and great friends.
  • Natural Healers – Empaths can give their healing energy to others through the senses, helping those around them.
  • Enthusiasm – Empaths feel everything with strength and tend to be enthusiastic about life in all ways.
  • Alone Time – Many people hate alone time, but empaths are fine with this time alone that is used to de-stress and balance themselves. This is a time of recuperation.
  • Contribute to the Lives of Others – Empaths truly care about others and can make a lasting positive influence to those who are suffering.

While being an intuitive empath can be exhausting, it is a wonderful gift as well. Learn to protect yourself from being dragged down by the negative and practice self-care to release this negativity. Empaths understand that the problems of the world will not be solved in hate, but with love and understanding. Those who are empathic need to use their energy in positive ways to be their best self.

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