Communicating with Fairies

Fairies have forever been part of folk lore, but some believe they can also make dreams come true if you communicate through enchantments. An enchantment is basically an active prayer. You can raise the vibration of an intention through things like affirmations, writing or even doing a ritual. You should be focused and truly care about whatever you are asking for before ever starting. Never try to ask for anything that is harmful or manipulates others. It is only pure intentions that the fairies will help with at all times. The enchantments are real and can be used for help and healing, allowing dreams to come true. They will further help you gain energy toward goals.

Joy Enchantment

To bring on joy, find a photo of yourself as a child in which you look joyful. Sit an relax with the picture in front of you as you visualize a golden ball surrounding the photo. Use an enchantment like the following:

Dear fairies the child in me allows happiness to be. Push aside the dark and clouds to let the joy flow free.

Then close your eyes and feel the ball of light s it moves up through the body with the joy and innocence of childhood. Hold onto the childhood feeling and when ready, open your eyes and feel totally rejuvenated. Kiss the photo.

Communication Enchantment

Using a photo of the person you wish to communicate feelings to and say a blessing over that photo. Speak to the fairy of communication and speak whatever you wish to say without holding back. Then ask for assistance in the communication. Sing or chant the following or a version of it:

Fairies, I want (person’s name) to listen to me. I wish to communicate, make it shall be.

You can then send the message as an intentional thought to the person you wish to reach. Know that it will be received.

Locator Enchantment

If something is missing you can enlist the help of the fairies. This is also useful if you are considering moving. Before falling sleep, place a blue pen and piece of paper nearby with a glass of water. Think clearly about the question and concisely write our and explain what is needed as an answer for your dream. Put the paper under your pillow and drink half the water. Say the following or some version of it:

Fairies, I pray to the moon and ground. A location can be found.

Go to sleep an when you wake up, drink the rest of the water, recording your dream on the same paper. A message should be given.

Enlightenment Enchantment

Clean your bathtub well, draw a bath and shut off the water. Add sea salt from your palm and pour it easily into the water, stirring it around. Step in and make yourself comfortable. This is a time to relax and dissolve the things that clog up the connection to the divine in your daily life. Dip your hand in the water then immediately touch your third eye and say the following or a variation of it:

Fairies, your gift of enlightenment dwells within. I am truth and beauty.

Feel the doubts slip into the water as they are purified. Surround yourself with love and light for the rest of the day.

Abundance Enchantment

Spend time meditating to expand or on what you want to attain in your life. Let go of illusions that are causing a block. Understand that by gaining more you are not taking from others because there is abundance in the Universe. To tap into such energy, the following affirmation and visualization can be helpful.

Start by imagining a golden funnel or cone above yourself with wealth cascading through and pouring down all around yourself. As this is visualized, say the following or a variation of such:

Thank you, fairies for the wealth that is headed my way. I am more grateful every day.

Love Enchantment

Find a quiet place that will remain uninterrupted. On a piece of paper, write LOVE. Continue to stare at it until it is in your mind’s eye, then close your eyes and focus on the letters as they move from the paper to your heart and fill it. Ask the message to stay with you as a guide in sleep and waking hours. Open your eyes and say:

Fairies, my heart is full with true love. I send it now from me to you above.

Fold the paper and carry it as a reminder of the enchantment. It will pull love to you.

Success Enchantment

Find a flower you like and sit with it in front of the mirror. Wave the flower, like a wand, around your face and body as you look at your reflection. This strengthens the aura as you know you deserve success. Speak these words:

Fairies, I build and shape the power within and from it blooms a perfect flower.

As you go to interviews or auditions an seek a successful outcome, imagine the inner flower.

Banishing Enchantment

Find a small, smooth stone that fits in your hand as a symbol for Mother Earth. Sit comfortably somewhere and allow soothing music to play. Attune yourself to the Banishment Fairy as you breath in through the nose and out of the mouth as a form of centering. When centered, exhale into the stone as tension and fear are released to it. When calmer, allow running water to fall over the stone as you say:

Fairies, I banish negativity and fear for me. This my will shall it be.

Put the stone in soil outside your home or in a potted plant. Repeat the enchantment when needed.

Wellness Enchantment

Sit quietly as you inhale the peace, health, and strength of the wellness fairy. Visualize a white light of positive energy around yourself and repeat:

Fairies, I release this illness to you an accept blessings of laughter, light, and love.

When the illness or pain arises, repeat the prayer three times and meditate on health an vitality through your mind, body, and spirit.

Courage Enchantment

For help with purification, strength, and protection as you move forward, try this ritual. Using a cup of your favorite tea, move the palm of your hand around the top three times clockwise while saying:

Fairies, I am the way just as you are light, fill this tea with your might.

Swirl the tea around a bit and sip it as you reflect on how much better you are feeling as you focus on your strengths.

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