10 Signs You Have Claircognizance

There may have been a time when you knew something was going to happen long before it did. Maybe you met someone and just knew instantly what they were all about. This is a gift called claircognizance.

What is Claircognizance?

Claircognizance can be described as “just knowing.” However, it is more than intuition. It is intuition on steroids as you are also tapping into the spiritual realm and that knowledge is being processed through your mind.

It is important to distinguish it from other psychic gifts. It is different from clairsentience, which is getting a feeling about people, situations or whether a spirit is in the room. It is also different from clairaudience, which is having an internal or external hearing. Some also confuse claircognizance with clairvoyance, but there are two different things. Clairvoyance is seeing symbols, getting mental images or seeing angels while claircognizance is knowing something without seeing images or having spirit guides.

Some people also confuse claircognizance with empaths. That is understandable because both involve “just knowing” but they are different. Empaths pick up on people’s moods, thoughts, and desires as they go through their daily tasks. Claircognizance is “clear knowing.” Those with this ability are not affected by other people’s emotions and those with this gift are not affected emotionally by what they know.

Those with claircognizance are typically logical people who love puzzles, get spontaneous ideas and get intuitive information through the brain rather than through the heart or gut. You don’t typically work at solutions as they just are there, as if by magic. You just know when something will work.

Ten signs will help you figure out if you have this gift:

  1. You know if an idea will work, in spite of others’ opinions. Others disagreeing does not change your sense of knowing.
  2. You are a human lie detector. You can instantly tell if someone is lying, even when no one else can.
  3. You routinely get ideas that inspire and love sharing them.
  4. You can pinpoint your focus and attention on a lost object and discover its location quickly.
  5. Answers to long-held problems come to you instantly after someone relates the problem to you.
  6. You can read people well. That is, you can determine their character within minutes of meeting them. This can be through their mannerism, speech patterns, nervous twitches and other subtle details many other people miss. Your perceptions turn out to be true most of the time.
  7. Your hobbies are reading and you like chess. This is because you like logic and order. You also like to deep dive to unearth the root cause of a problem.
  8. You are musically inclined. This means you can pick up an instrument you are unfamiliar with, play around with it, and quickly figure out what produces certain sounds. You can learn to play it well quickly and can even compose your songs within a few months.
  9. You love to reach conclusions about different subjects because you feel it clears your mind. This means your mind is always busy. You are constantly in a state of processing information and details often missed by others. You want to reach your conclusions rather than relying on others for opinions. You also need to write down everything.
  10. You love learning. You are constantly learning and deriving information throughout the day through your activities, what you read, situations and relationships. This keeps your mind busy processing.

While there are ways you can determine if you have claircognizance, there are also ways to develop this natural gift. You can even develop it if you appear to have none of it at all!

You can try out automatic writing to develop abilities. To do this, write down a question that has always bugged you on paper. Then set a timer for 20 minutes and just start writing whatever is in your head. It may take a few sessions to get to a real answer, but writing down what is in your head helps clear your mind and opens up an insight into your subconscious thoughts.

You can also start taking note of moments when you just seem to know. You must become aware of the insights. Once you can identify these moments, you can identify claircognizance.

Work on your confidence and assertiveness. This will help you act on moments of just knowing. Meditation can help build your root chakra and solar plexus while physical activity like yoga, running or dancing can also help you gain confidence.

Reading plays a large role in developing this ability since information is in books and articles. Read and learn everything you can. Claircognizance develops as your mind processes vast amounts of information. Try learning a musical instrument or a new language.

Developing claircognizance will help guide you through decisions. That will have many positive results like success in a project or picking the right person for a relationship. Having additional knowledge about a situation is always a good thing and will help you in the long run, so don’t be afraid to delve into this gift.

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