Connect with your spirit guides and angels using the following steps

This is one of the most asked questions. Our guides and angels usually send us a signal that they are with us, supporting and taking care of us in our everyday lives. It now depends on us whether we want to open our hearts and learn how to embrace their guidance.

Here are steps you can use to ignite a connection with your spirit team:

  1. Let your intention be known

If you want to create a successful communication platform with your spirit guides and angels, request them to be with you.

Ask them to be available during your meditation time. Plan a meditation meeting. Tell them before the time that you will be ready and request them to be present.

  1. Meditate

Take three deep breaths.

Relax and imagine a beautiful light shining in your heart area.

Surround yourself with the divine’s white light of protection as you say a prayer for the highest good to come to you.

Imagine a beautiful garden and see all the nice flowers around you. In this garden, sit on a comfortable bench. Just take deep breaths and feel the amazing vibrations of this special environment.

Ask their name and pay attention. Ask to know whether they are here to help you. Pay attention to them during this time and request them to tell you ways you are being guided and supported.

  1. Request confirmation

Ask them to clarify if you are not sure of the name or information you’ve received. They will give you more information.

Let them give you a sign or a symbol that will let you know that this message came from them.

  1. Be grateful

Thank your guides and angels for being with you.  Let them know that you are grateful.  Invite them to always come over when you are meditating in your garden.

Put down your messages when you are ready and keep them in your spiritual journal. If you write your experiences down on paper, you’ll focus better on your energy and let your spirit team know you have received their messages.

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