Forgetting Your Past Life

Do you ever think about how life changes once you die?  Do you think that your soul travels through a realm of space or do you think that your soul goes into another body?

Many people have questions and wonder what happens when a person dies.  Past life regression is a tool that people can use in order to know what their past life has been like and who they used to be.

Past life therapy is something that is very real, and this can help people that have experienced traumatic things in their life, and they need help.  A past life can come with fear, anxiety, stress, depression, addiction, worry and more.  Some people have past life regression because they want to understand why they are on the earth today and what their purpose is.

Past life regression is where an individual is able to begin to reveal what has happened in their past but that is not all that it does.  Past life regression opens up a person’s mind to a deeper level where he or she is able to talk to the spirit world and find out their connection between who they are and what has happened in their life.  They can learn to understand what kind of connection they have with the world.

Past and Present

There are things that people will feel int heir world.  There is no reason or issue that is in your body, but you might want to discover what has happened in your past life.  If you can get past life regression, chances are that you can see what has happened and caused you to have past trauma in your life.  Maybe there is a real reason such as an illness that you had or an injury that happened.

If you have a fear of things then chances are that in your past life, something bad happened.  Maybe you are afraid of swimming because you almost drowned or maybe you are afraid of spiders because one bit you and made you sick.  There are things that could have happened in your life that brought you death and could have caused you to be fearful in this life.

Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a type of communication that is done between a person and the spirit world.  This is where you can have someone that will hypnotize you and help you to understand what happened in your past life.  This type of therapy is meant to give you closure to things that are happening in your life so that you can move on and you can be happy.

Future and Other

Getting hypnotized can be a form of therapy that allows your soul to get into the energies of your past life.  If you have blocked out something from your past and your current life is hard and you don’t understand why, chances are you are blocking something that needs to come out.

When you are able to visualize what has happened to you then you can gain independence and work to make your present life happy.  There are places you can go for comfort and for seeking answers, but the answers lie in the planets.

How Does Past Life Regression Happen?

Hypnosis is a form of past life regression that is often used.  This can bring up memories and energies that have happened in your subconscious mind.  This allows you to go beyond any logic and can be a therapy tool that can allow for healing of the mental and physical body.  This can work by the therapist asking you open ended questions and guiding you in the right direction of your life.

Real or Fake?

People always wonder if the information that they imagine is real or if it is fake during hypnosis.  Even if the experience is real or imagined, it is a look into your past life, and it is an experience that can change based on the belief system.  It is important that you have an open mind and that you are able to practice and see images and doing this they will become stronger.

The stronger the image is, the better you will be able to practice and see things when you are ready for them.

What Will the Experience be Like?

When you see your therapist and you experience this type of therapy, some things you might see are:

  • You as an impression.
  • An experience of yourself in another life.
  • Information about the past.
  • Hear sounds around you.
  • Feel like someone is telling you things.
  • Get an answer before the question is asked.
  • Some experience nothing but have dreams later.

Can I Get Stuck?

You cannot get stuck when you are being hypnotized.  This is a form of therapy that allows you to remember things and this can be an image or a feeling.  If you get uncomfortable, you can float and detach from the experiences.  You are in control of what happens and you can get out of the session and leave it behind if you do not like it.

Regression is something that allows you to cover things up from your past.  By finding out what these things are, you can learn to resolve whatever things are happening to you.  Work with your spirit guides to understand their purpose and to know what you need to know and learn.

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