Not so long ago I facilitated an event on the east coast. Everything lined up perfectly and Spirit truly came through! I carried out amazing readings, one after another and everybody in the room felt the powerful psychic energy.

After the show, many people came up to me, thrilled with their experience. They were shocked that they felt the presence of their own departed pals and family so emphatically, even while I was going a reading on another persona cross the room. An old man who had   lost his wife of more than 40 years said he detected that her soul was really “sitting on his lap.” One lady inquired as to whether this implied she could connect with the Spirit by herself, even without a medium in the room. Others thought about whether they had psychic or mediumistic gifts, and what the thing that matters was between the two.

So many intriguing inquiries came up that I was inspired to share them with you.

This is what individuals need to know about psychics and mediumship:

How would I know whether I have psychic or mediumistic abilities??

All that YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MEDIUMSHIPEverybody is psychic to some extent. consider a time you were able to tell who was calling you before picking up the phone, or when you were driving and had a feeling of a hazard before you could see it, or when you had a bad feeling that your child was either ill or in trouble. its something we are all born with if we chose to pay attention to it.

Mediumistic abilities take more effort. Certain people are more inclined to mediumship than others and usually develop mediumship skills over a period of time. The initial step to turning into a medium is to improve your psychic abilities.

How can I improve my Psychic Ability?

In Greek, the word Psychic signifies “of the Soul”, and in that lies the key to upgrading your ability. When you tune into your “soul frequency” you will hear the insightful little voice inside you. To get to the voice of your soul, you should turn down the noise and static of day to day life – regardless of whether it’s only for a couple of minutes daily. You can achieve this by meditating, journaling, or by taking a quiet walk. Practice this consistently and you will discover your connection with your own “inner knowing” and to the Spirit world becoming stronger.

Would I be able to utilize my psychic skills to connect with the Spirit People?

All mediums are psychic, however, all psychics have not really developed to the point where they can communicate with the Spirit world. after you develop your psychic abilities, you are prepared to deal with connections with Spirits.

What precisely is the distinction between a Psychic and a Medium?

A medium is a mystic who has calibrated his or her extrasensory perception and can interface with the spirits in different calibers. They can feel as well as hear thoughts, voices or mental impressions from the spirit world.

A medium reads the messages of the spirits in the afterlife. This implies the reader will simply transmit to the sitter the messages or signs from the spirit world. a Psychic, on the other hand, reads your aura and the presence that could impact your future. This implies a psychic directly  interacts with the sitter and won’t probably contact the spirits at all.

How do mediums get messages from the Spirit world?

The Spirit people vibrate at a higher frequency than the living. So as to cross over any barrier and make a connection, a medium must raise his or her very own vibration higher and, in turn, Spirit needs to bring down their vibration so the two can meet. The meeting in the middle is the origin of the word “Medium”.

Is making that connection hard?

It very well may be. The challenge for a medium is to maintain the higher vibration for enough time to get a point by point message or impression and pass it on to the earthly recipient.

Then again, it’s simpler for somebody who has improved their psychic gift to FEEL the closeness of their own cherished one who has passed on. I frequently say that your friends and family never perish, they are always around you. When you open your mind to acknowledge this, you can feel a loved one’s presence, and get signs and messages from them.

Why are some messages from Spirit so vague? can spirits communicate clearly?

There exists distinctive levels of consciousness and different dimensions of life that exist past the physical one. Think about the vastness of the universe – and you will understand that spirits won’t communicate necessarily as you would expect them to.

Spirit communication is like conversing a foreign language.   Words probably won’t have a typical meaning but images and feelings are general. I get these psychic images from spirit as images or feelings, and I must translate these messages.

For what reason do mediums sometimes misunderstand the message?

Since the Spirits convey messages in symbols, mediums can’t generally translate symbols effectively. For instance, a spirit may touch her throat – which could have something to do with a necklace or a way to indicate she lost her voice or had a medical issue with her throat.

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