Hoping to Awaken Your Hidden Psychic Powers? Try These 7 Tips

Has there ever been a moment where you’ve had the correct intuition about something? Perhaps you’ve known the phone was going to ring before it happened? Maybe you knew what someone was going to say right before they said it? These types of instances could mean that you are awakening your hidden psychic powers. But how can you further tap into those powers, honing them so they can become more useful in your daily life?

Let’s take a look at seven helpful tips to help you awaken your hidden psychic powers:

Trusting in Your Gut

Most of your intuition is what is referred to as a gut reaction, or trusting your gut instinct. Trusting that intuition will also help you tap into your psychic powers. When your inner spirit senses the path you should take or tells you when something is off, it’s important to listen to it. Most of the time, your gut instinct is correct and will guide you through a difficult time or assist you when someone is seeking your help or guidance.


Meditating is not only great from quieting the mind and relaxing the body, it’s also an excellent way to help you tap into your psychic powers. Through meditation, you can begin to see that your thoughts are actually a translation of energy. In accepting and receiving these energies, you’ll be more open and ready to accept and interpret messages from departed loved ones, angels, spirit guides, and the Divine.

Communicating with Your Soul

In your journey of uncovering your unique abilities, it may take some time to become fully aware of your spirit and how it’s communicating with you in ways to help you out. So, don’t be afraid to communicate with your soul in order to get a clearer channel of intuition. This will help you open up more subtle senses of energy around you. And if you’re not quite sure that you’re receiving messages, try writing down messages you think you may getting to help get them out and interpret them.

Getting Creative

Your creativity is a key component of honing your psychic abilities. The creative spark within you plays an important role in your ability to channel information from the energies around you. Use your creative space to tune in and help allow the intuitions and communications to unfold through your body. In using your creativity, you’ll be able to tap into your powers more efficiently and be more open to receiving the messages meant to find you.

Taking Classes

In trying to tap into your psychic powers, it’s important to never stop learning. And to keep learning, it’s always a good idea to consider taking classes from seasoned psychics. Whether it’s through an online course or an in-person classroom setting, choose a teacher and means of learning that connects the strongest with you. A good spiritual teacher will be able to help you better navigate and understand how to better work with your abilities.

Learning About Your Chakras

Chakras play an important role in one’s spiritual health. They are the energy points within your body that are connected to your health as well as ways to access psychic information. It’s important to maintain the health of your chakras and keep them clear. This will help your further strengthen and hone your psychic abilities, allowing you to be more open and understanding of the messages you’re receiving.

Keeping a Dream Journal

Dreams are the ultimate portal for the subconscious to reach you and give you messages. Through your dreams, you’re able to connect with past and future selves, spirit guides, and angelic beings. Dreaming can also help you navigate your subconscious and dive deeper into our psychic powers. So, don’t forget to keep up with your dream journal. When you record your dreams, you’ll be able to better analyze and understand what you’re being told by your subconscious.

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