Understanding Intuitive Healing

Intuitive healing is a method that takes actions with alternative healing in order to restore people to good health. This is done when the healer connect with their higher power and the life force of energy. The healer will understand how the body works and how the energy around works and flows. This is a kind of healing that works on the whole person at a mental, emotional and physical level.

If you have ever heard of intuitive healing and you wonder how it works, the healer will use the gifts that they have including their clair gifts and their knowing and feeling to get guidance from the spiritual world. This allows them to find out what kind of energy blocks a person has and what is needed to keep them balanced and happy in their life.

Asking their guides for assistance allows them to find the healing that is needed. Some will look at each of the chakras and find out where there is blockage from things such as trauma, being stuck or having stagnant energy. The healer will then find out what techniques can help to heal the chakras and get the person to their best health.

Healing Session

During an intuitive healing session, the client and the healer are working together to change the energies. They want to shift the energy so that it can get to the root of the problem and the root of the sickness. Through the guidance and intuition, the healer can immediately get started. There is no need for extra knowledge or extra time and the healer can start getting the energy moving that is stuck, right away. This can help to get rid of things such as:

• Stress.
• Anxiety.
• Pain.
• Discomfort.
• Stuck emotions.

This allows the client to release and to heal. Some of these healing techniques can be used and this can differ depending on what kind of healer that you go to but can include things such as:

• Journaling.
• Self-care help.
• Positive affirmations.
• Mantras.
• Changes to the diet.
• Yoga.
• Sound healing.
• Herbal supplements.
• Acupuncture.
• Massage.
• Resting.
• Meditation.
• Drinking plenty of fluids.
• Energy healing.

How Many Sessions Are Needed?

The number of sessions needed will depend on the client and the healer. This will depend on the goals that the client has and what desires they have to feel different. One might be enough for some people while others will need multiple sessions.

Why Get Intuitive Healing?

Intuitive healing is an effective way to become strong and it is a powerful method that is used by many that are trying to get their energy shifted in a positive way. This can be a lifechanging situation for many people and there are people that have results from this kind of healing.

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