Trusting Your Intuition

Your gut feeling or your sixth sense can help you to make decisions. This is something that can make you trust yourself and the universe around you. When someone tells you to trust your gut, they are telling you to believe in yourself and what you are feeling.

Listening to your gut feeling can help you to live your best life. You might wonder if you should always try to listen to your intuition because sometimes it is something that you cannot explain as to why you feel it.

If your intuition is making you make good decisions, then chances are that your intuition is part of your logic. Even science shows us that intuition can help people to make good decisions when they are in some situations.

People that have a gut feeling can make better choices than someone that chooses not to listen to their gut.

What is the Gut Feeling?

Do you ever get a tugging inside of your body or you are feeling worried about a certain situation? Maybe you are going someplace, and you feel that you shouldn’t be there, or you meet someone that you feel concerned about. You don’t have any way to explain why you have these feelings, but you know that they are real.

You might also have intuition hit you in a positive way such as when you are about to make a hard decision and you feel calm and at peace.

Having a gut feeling can give you a variety of feelings and this is more than just a physical feeling or a stressful feeling. Sometimes your intuition will guide you to make a good choice and it will make you feel good.

Some people say that a gut feeling is like a voice that talks to them. They feel that they hear this voice inside of their heart. Here are other things that a gut feeling might look like:

  • Having a clear mind.
  • Feeling tense.
  • Goosebumps on your arms or the back of your neck.
  • Butterflies in your stomach.
  • Palms or feet feeling sweaty.
  • Returning thoughts.
  • Feeling happy or peaceful.

When you have any of these feelings, chances are that you need to listen and make a good decision. The thing to remember is that these feelings aren’t always overwhelming, and they can be subtle.

You might feel strange about something, or you might hear a small voice that is barely audible. Your brain will help you to realize that you are having these feelings and it will make you more aware.

Where Do Gut Feelings Originate?

Your gut feeling doesn’t come from your gut, but it actually comes from your brain and goes to your gut. This is a response that you are feeling when you use your intuition. This feels like a gastrointestinal problem when you feel it, especially when it makes you feel scared or stressed.

Here are some reasons that you have a gut feeling:

The Brain Takes the Information

It is shown through science that your intuition comes from your brain and the information that the brain is processing. It takes feelings that you are having, and memories and it can go to your gut to give you information.

Your brain will take this information from where you are and even though you know some of the information, your brain will put the rest together to give you a gut feeling.

You might be in a situation where you see people fighting and you know that you should go the other way because your gut tells you to. The brain processes what is going on and then it shows you how you should handle the situation.

The processes are always going, and you might not really realize this is happening. If you have a strong feeling to do something different, you need to listen to what your body is telling you. This can be a goosebump or a feeling in your stomach.

Then after you listen to your intuition then chances are that you will feel at peace. Most of the time you will see something happen in response to listening to your intuition.


Gut feelings can also come from experiences that you have had. You might not realize that you have memories of things that are dangerous.

Studies show that:

  • People that look at dots move will remember if they move left or right.
  • Research shows that seeing something loving like a baby or a puppy will cause there to be positive feelings.
  • Participants that looked at dots in a stereoscope with one eye were able to respond fast to the good feelings that they saw.

Think about the people that you have bene around in your life. Do you ever get asked to go and eat and you remember how dirty the restaurant was? You might decide that you don’t want to eat there because of this memory and later find out that your friends got sick after eating there.

Or you might find someone that you meet, and you want to date each other but after texting them for a short while you get a bad feeling about them even though you aren’t sure why.

Sometimes the information that your body gives you will serve you well because of memories that you have from your past.

Intuition Versus Being Paranoid

Some people think that when they have a gut feeling that they re just being paranoid. You have to learn to tell the difference between stress and a gut feeling. You might make some decisions based on fear or stress and there is a difference between this and intuition.

Going the Right Way with Intuition

Knowing and recognizing your feelings can help you to make good decisions. Intuition will lead you to make decisions that are better for your life. If you feel stressed or worried, you will focus less on what is going on and will pay more attention to why you are worried. You are probably worried because the situation can be negative.

Paranoid and Suspicious

People that are paranoid are often irrational and they are suspicious of others. They don’t trust people, but they don’t have reasons behind this.

You might find these feelings coming up in your life because of things that you have been through, but you need to make sure that you have a strong insight before you make decisions based on fear. Ask yourself why this situation is bothering you.

When Anxiety Stays

A gut feeling is something that is fleeting but anxiety is something that will stay with you for a long time. If you feel anxious even after making a decision, then chances are that you are deciding things based on stress instead of listening to your gut feeling.

Listen to what your body is telling you and find out if you are following your gut feeling or if you are following other things.

Should You Trust Your Gut?

Having a gut feeling is a real thing and you need to pay attention to it when you are going to make decisions.

Wishing for Things

Making wishes are things that you wish for but aren’t things that are set in stone. You might want to do something exciting, but you might not have the time to get it done. Maybe you don’t have time to even prepare to make things work out for you.

Intuition is not lacking in this situation because this is just something that you are wishing to see happen.

Making Decisions Fast

When you have a lot of experience in your life you can make faster decisions. You will have a chance to look at everything and to see what the situation can tell for your life. You have time to think things through.

You might be thinking about buying a car and you love it, but you will want to research if the car has everything that you need before you choose to buy it. But if someone is coming to buy the car that you are looking at, you might only have a few minutes to make the decision to buy it, so you have to listen to your intuition.

Getting What You Need

Needing something is a time when you need to use logic to give yourself the best answer. You might get invited out and not want to go and even though you decide that you will go, your inner voice might tell you to stay home.

This could happen because you are tired, and you need to rest so your body knows that you need this, and your intuition guides you.

No Information

Having information on something is important and you should listen to the information over your gut feeling. Listen to the data and see what it tells you. Even though your emotions play a role in your decisions, let the facts talk.

Final Thoughts

It is important that you take time to understand and listen to your intuition. Even though paying attention to your emotions is important, make sure that you also listen to the facts.

Are you having a hard time listening to your gut feelings? Separate your stress and anxiety from what is going on around you and learn to be able to tell the difference between this and your intuition.

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