Ways of Cleansing your Aura and Keeping it Strong

An aura is present in all living things. It possesses different types of vitality which tend to portray itself over and below the skin.

It surrounds the human body from a distance of yards since it’s a very subtle interaction of energies.  Aura possesses quite a number of layers, colors, patterns, and shapes.

Aura character traits transform according to a person’s physical, mental, spiritual or inner state.

The aura is a pure field of vitality

Each and every one of us is different and it’s through our aura that our hidden selves are displayed. They act as a mirror to our soul, spirit, depth, and personality.

Our aura influences situations in our life since it attracts the spirit world. The most essential part of our well-being is aura cleansing.

Our aura is influenced by thoughts which are turned into vitality then passes through it. You exchange energy with individuals when you come into contact with them.  All of us are aware of someone who makes us feel good by just being with them. It is the energy in the aura that influences this.

Cleansing Auras.  You should be aware of the fact that if you think negative about someone, the thoughts are likely to come back to you after attracting more out there.  We are the only ones who can change our auras to attract all the positive things in our lives since we are the ones who create them.

There are ways you can do away with negative patterns mentally or physically. If you would like to be helped in this area then don’t hesitate to contact me.

It is advisable to cleanse your aura every day.

Cleansing and Sealing the Aura

Aura cleansing is a practice which is good when done every day. it can be done anywhere although me I do this in the morning while taking a shower.

Aura Cleansing-Take Five

Take note of that white light flowing down through your body and into your aura. Cleansing you and turning all the negativity into the light.

There is light you can see out but nobody can see inside once you’re surrounded by this light.

After that, I request Arch Angel Michael to protect me from any negative influence by standing at the doorway.

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