Can your energy (aura) affect those around you?

According to your inner moving energy (Aura), you attract the life around you. You attract people in your life when you experience situations and events in your life. Generally, life is all about (aura) energy. Every ounce of experience you go through in your life is the energy in motion. And when you want to read the energy around you, you have to experience the energy itself. Furthermore, when you realize yourself as the energy, you’ll get to understand the process of life.

Energy is everything. It is the root cause of your feelings, thinking and emotion. And one of the ways you can purify it and live life with more clarity is through meditation. However, if you decide to change your life by changing your subtle energy, that change will be permanent. But if you do it in the physical world, that change is only temporary. Reason being, in the physical world, changes only happen at the surface level but in the subtle world, there are no limitations to the things in your mind. It has the inner moving energy that sustains life within you.

The kind of experience you go through in your life solely depends on the life energy as well as the vital energy you hold in your body. But what you should know is that, the energy within you is constantly moving; sometimes on the higher side, sometimes on the downward side. However, when you become conscious with your responses towards life, it means the level of energy in your body is different. So, it’s up to you to make a choice, either the situation chooses you or you choose the situation.

It is difficult to get the truth of life if you are lost at the level of mind. But interestingly enough, you have to explore the life beneath the mind, as in loose the things of the mind and experience life at the level of energy. Life is not a physical journey, it is spiritual one and your physical body is meant to experience life. So, just try to look into your mind and see how that turns out.

What do you see? Or rather what do you see yourself associating with? Is it the identity of the mind? Or is it the life that exists beyond your individual identity? Most of us are actually comfortable with the identity of the mind, that’s why we are detached from the actual truth of life. We never bother to explore the life that exist and look beyond the things of the mind. But the day we’ll do that, we’ll come across a new reality that connects us with our physical life.

Generally, the longest journey possible is the spiritual life, and if we hold on to it long enough, we will experience the miracle of life. All we have to do is drop the individual perspective towards life. Reason being, individual perspective hides the actual truth from us, it only allows us to view life from our own perspective. But when we drop it, we experience the events of life as they are happening. So the day we will realize our self as energy, we will notice that the same way it works in us, is the same way it works in others. The only difference is that some of us choose to dive in deep and realize their true potential.

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