How to see Energy

We are energy. And the energy around our physical body is known as Aura. This aura around us radiates around 6 to 18 inches around our physical body and if we want to see it, we have to develop our abilities to understand the actual energy in our physical bodies. All we have to do is close our eyes, align our breath and ask the colors to show themselves to us. When we achieve this relaxed state of mind, and soften our gaze, the colors will eventually come to us.

How to read auras for beginners:

  • Notice the energy around you. Make sure you know how it feels like and when you are with a friend, pay attention to their presence and know how it also feels like. Does it make you feel loved or it drains you? Just align yourself with your breath and ask for an honest sensation of how that feels to you.
  • Allow your gaze to soften, at stare at one place for about 30 to 60 seconds. It will allow you to start seeing auras. Also, ensure you notice the objects just outside your direct sight. It will allow you not further develop your periphery vision. Just don’t stress yourself out with what you are doing. It will only trigger the anxiety in your brain. Be relaxed while you practice your soft-focus vision.
  • Play with brightly colored objects. For instance, tape them to a wall, look at them for a while and then close your eyes. Ask the colors to show themselves to you while you breathe deeply and note of the field outside the colored object. You’ll notice a pale shimmer of color coming of it.
  • You can read the auras of other people, more so plants that are around us. And if you decide on an actual person, ask them to stand 14-18 inches against neutral wall. Focus your vision and sense of colors and ask the aura to show itself to you. Don’t look at her directly; gaze through her and at the wall around her.
  • Practice at your own time once you’ve honed your skills. Just sit in a quiet meditative place and clear your mind. Set an objective that you like to access your own aura.

Colors of the aura

Dull or muddied colors reveal energetic sluggishness or sickness while vibrant colors indicate spiritual awareness and well being. These colors reveal much and you should invite them to wash over you. Notice how each feels in your physical and subtle bodies.

Placement of auras

Each location of a particular color will reveal interesting details. For instance, a white color around a crown reveals an advanced soul while red color around a chest indicates a frustrated heart.

Location of aura

The aura is all around us and when we use technology we can actually capture the aura with diagnostic accuracy. But with no technology, we can learn to sense the aura ourselves. If it is around the upper body, it indicates where the person is at, at the moment but if flashes of color are seen outside the field, then that’s an indication that there are tendencies that don’t always permeate the field directly. Lastly, the presence of guides is indicated by large blocks of colors.

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