Signs That You Might Have Telepathic Powers

Last year, while studying about mind communication, the information that I read proved that telepathic powers are actually real and not just things seen in the movies.  This information made me wonder why we don’t utilize telepathy to help us with life problems but the truth is that it is hard to use your telepathic powers.

The fact is, most people do have telepathic powers, they just don’t see enough proof to believe that they can enter into the mind of someone else.  The truth is that the third eye is in all of us and if you have the feeling that you actually have this gift, this article is for you.

Knowing the Signs

People are always asked what ability they would love to have an many people say that they would love to have telepathic abilities which is just second to flying.  There are many reasons why people would love to read the minds of others even if it would be invasive.

There are six signs that might prove that you need to really reach into your inner self and use your telepathic abilities.

Dreams are Vivid

When I dream, I have increased detail and the dream will come back frequently.  Before I understood the signs of telepathy, I didn’t think anything about this but the reality is that if you have increased frequency in your dreams, it means that you have a sign that your third eye is actually opening.

You need to pay attention in your dreams and see if you can smell things or feel things or if you are full of emotions.  When you begin to think upon the details, these sensations will increase and you will be able to recall more about your dreams.  Make sure that you keep a journal or notepad by your bed so you can write down all of the things you remember about your dreams.

Being Ill or Nauseas

When you have energy that is always increasing, it is a sign of telepathic powers.  These can cause the chemicals in your body to change and can make you feel that you are sick.  This is because the spiritual and chemical compounds in your body are restructuring and this is called “tapas.”  This means that your body is becoming purified so that you can learn to embrace your true abilities.

It is important that you don’t ignore being ill or having physical symptoms, but if this is all taken into consideration then you need to be open minded and embrace your time of awakening that you are experiencing.

Having Headaches

If you have had a lot of headaches lately it means that you might be having a lot of energy filling your body.  You might be able to tell the difference between a regular headache and an awakening that is happening.  An awakening will be more painful than a headache and more like a migraine.  When these happen, soak your feet to help decrease the intense energy that you are experiencing.

Try using essential oils to take away some of the pain of these headaches.  These will keep happening until you accept your energies and accept that you are experiencing the awakening.

New Friends

When you begin to embrace your telepathic powers and all of the energy, you will be more upbeat and excited.  You will want to stay away from people that are negative and either your friends will be happy or you will find new friends that talk about positive things.

You will attract people that are more like you and your energies will synchronize with the people that you meet.  This will help you know something big is happening.

New Priorities

When people get telepathic powers, they will replace things that are not important anymore.  When you used to be kept up and bothered by arguments, you will choose to find things that are more spiritually important.

When the universe puts new people in your path, you will see them with your new eye as it awakens.  This is called the pineal gland.

If you have noticed that you have a shift in your mood lately and that you are having high emotional times, it could be because you are being prepared for an elevation.  You will be more confused about some things but you will see other things more clearly.  This will come with the priority changes that we talked about.


You will begin to notice that you are more empathetic to people.  This helps you to feel what others are feeling.  If you get too upset about this, you might be absorbing too much emotion from other people.  They could send out their energy and this could be poking you where you are sensitive.

Awakening Your Telepathic Abilities is Good

When you start to increase your telepathic abilities, don’t be afraid.  This might make you nervous or confused and even sometimes to feel pain.  You need to allow these things to happen instead of fighting it so that you can clear the third eye and experience what you have been waiting on.

If you want to help to open your third eye, chance your routine.  Use essential oils and eat better.  Use crystals to meditate and get a lot of Vitamin D.  Most of these things can help you to reach a new level in your powers.

If you think you have telepathic powers, allow it to finish.  Your life can be so much better when it does.

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