Clairvoyant Meditation

If you want to open your third eye, you can use clairvoyant meditation to help you to do this. This can be done for a short amount of time and is easy to learn.

The main thing about doing clairvoyant mediation is to focus and to imagine things. If you are a visual person, this can be easy. Try to imagine you see a tree and keep doing this because it can help to develop your mind’s eye. Do not get upset or frustrated if you are not good at meditating at first but keep practicing.


The first thing to do is to pick a quiet place where you can relax without being distracted. You need to sit in an upright position because this can help you, but it is not necessary, the most important thing is to be comfortable.


Close your eyes and take deep breathes. People will start shallow breathing, and this will not allow you to meditate the best way. Put your hand on your stomach and feel it go deeply in while you are breathing so you know you are doing it right.


Once you clear your mind and you are breathing right, imagine the number one. It doesn’t matter what this number looks like, just focus on seeing it in your mind.

You might begin to feel something in your body such as tingling. Maybe you will feel something between your eyebrows on your forehead where your third eye chakra is. If you feel this, this is a good sign. If you do not, do not get frustrated, just keep practicing.

Some people struggle at first because they allow their mind to wander. It gets easier to concentrate when you are practicing and so keep taking deep breathes and concentrating on what you are doing. Also, a good tip is to start with a little bit of mediation and then make it longer as time goes on.


After you hold the image of the number one in your mind for a while and you are comfortable, imagine the other numbers all the way up to ten. When you see the numbers 1-10 in your mind, you have mastered the next step and you can move forward.

You can write down the number on paper if this helps you so that you can concentrating on it by staring at it. This is a good tip to get you started.

Go Forward

Once you get bored with doing numbers, move on to other things such as animals, birds, flowers or other things. Remember that you only need to do this a few minutes a day so that you can open your third eye.

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